Malyshko Peter Alekseevich

Born in 1941 in the village of Znamenka, Dnepropetrovsk region.

Graduated from Dnepropetrovsk art school - 1958-1963). Teachers О.С.Кuко, I.I. Sinepolckiy, V.M. Shpiganovich. Painting, metal sculpture, drawing and printmaking.

Creative and exhibition activity began in 1966.

Participant of more than 100 art exhibitions and art projects previously on the territory of the USSR, and later - in Ukraine and abroad.

In the 70-80s). Performed a number of works in the synthesis of architecture: Kaliningrad (KÖNIKSBERG), Kiev, Vinnitsa, belaya tserkov, Brovary.

In the 1980s, was a member of creative association "the Look". And in 90-s belonged to the creative society to them. Аlipiy of Pecherskogo.

In 1999-2000 he was among the artists who painted the interiors of st. Michael's golden domed Cathedral in Kyiv. Painting paintings and graphic works are in the collections of the museum as well as large collections.

Belong to the musicians that their work on the ground achieving world-class art, as well as on the traditions of the thousand-year history of Ukrainian national culture.

2010. V international biennale of ex-libris "CONTRATALLA". TARRAGONA. Spain. The honourable award.

2009. XIII international biennial of small graphic and ex-libris. OSTROW WIELKOPOLSKI. Poland. A special prize, medal.

2009. VIII International Biennale of modern prints "IOSIF ISER" PLOIESTI. Romania. An honorary diploma.

2009. Exhibition "Gogol - vernissage". Kiev. Ukraine.

2009. 9 international biennale of engravings "PREMIO ACQUI". Italy.

2009. 6 the International print triennial. BITOLA. Macedonia.


2009. Ukrainian triennale graphics. Kiev. Ukraine.

2009. VI international competition of wood engravings JEAN CHIEZE. PARIS. France.

2008. XXXII international ex libris CONGRES "FISAE". Beijing(Peking). China.

2008. II International triennale ex-libris Lefdkada. Greece. The honourable award.

2008. International competition-libris "GDAŃSKIE LWY" GDAŃSK. Poland.

2008. Exhibition of ex-libris and graphics "Treasures of ancient culture". Kiev. Ukraine.

2008. "Holodomor" through the eyes of Ukrainian artists. Kiev.

2007. The VII-th international biennale of modern prints. PLOIESTI. Romania.

2007. XII international biennial of small graphic. OSTROW WIELKOPOLSKI. Poland.

2007. VII international graphic competition ex-libris. Poland.

2007. "GRZEGORZ Z SANOKA I RENESANS".SANOK. Poland. Award - the medal.

2007. International exhibition of sculpture competition (projects) in the museum of contemporary art of the 21ST century "". KANAZAWA. Japan.

2006. All-Ukrainian exhibition "Ukraine from Tripoli to the present. Kiev. Ukraine.

2006. International exhibition of graphics. Aktobe. Kazakhstan. Diploma, a medal.

2006. V international biennale of ex-libris. ZACATECAS. Mexico.

2006. III international ex-libris contest "INCONTRO ALLA LIBERTA". LOMAZZO. Italy.

2006. "Involvement" - exhibition in the museum І.Gonchara. Kiev. Ukraine.

2005. International exhibition of wooden engraving "JEAN-CHIEZE". Paris. France.

2005. V the international biennial of small graphic. KLUJ. Romania.

2005. And the international triennale ex-libris.. Greece. The honourable award.

2005. The XI international biennial of small graphic. OSTROW WIELKOPOLSKI. Poland.

2005. The 20TH international biennale of ex-libris. MALBORK. Poland.

2005. The XXII international biennial of small graphic "WORLD IN IMAGES" - the Words"in a manner". SINT-NIKLAAS. Belgium.

2005. The 6TH international biennale of modern prints "IOSIF ISER". PLOIESTI. Romania.

2004. "Ukraine from Tripoli to the present in the images of modern artists". Kiev. Ukraine.

2004. International exhibition of sculpture competition (projects) in the museum of contemporary art of the 21ST century "".KANAZAWA. Japan.

2003. X international biennial of small graphic OSTROW WIELKOPOLSKI. Poland.

2002. "DIALOGUE: Stryy-Dnepr" Painting. Striy. Ukraine.

2002. International exhibition of computer graphics. OPAVA. The Czech republic. The honourable award.

2002. XIX international biennale экслибрису. MALBORK. Poland. OF FREDERIKSHAVN. Denmark.

2002. "MINI PRINT. KLUJ-2002" International exhibition of graphics. KЈUJ. Romania.

2001. "10 years of independence" Gallery "Lavra". Kiev. Ukraine.

2001. International exhibition of small-scale graphics. ISSY. France.

2000. "Ex libris in the 21ST century"  Spain.

2000. "The Cathedral" the Project "Art of Ukraine of the XX century". Kiev. Ukraine.

2000. XVIII international biennale of contemporary экслибрису. Malbork. Poland.2000. International exhibition of экслибрису in the museum of Leonardo da Vinci. Italy. A special prize. Медаль.1999. "Ukraine-99". Germany.

1999. "The spirit of the icon" Center for contemporary art "Soviart". Kiev. Ukraine Magdeburg. Germany.

1999. III international graphic competition. WA?BRZYCH. Poland.

1998. "Нефігуративне painting" the Project "Art of Ukraine of the XX century". Kiev. Ukraine.

1998. Personal exhibition of painting "For color". Kiev. Ukraine.

1998. "Revival" Painting. Gallery "Lavra". Kiev. Ukraine.

1997. "The Via Regia-97". The Painting. Erfurt. Germany.

1997. The 18TH Biennial of small graphic. SINT-NIKLAAS. Belgium.

1996. "Art-club-96" Museum of modern art. Khmelnytsky, Ukraine.

1995. "The erotic fine" Lviv. Ukraine.

1994. "Blessed" Kiev. Ukraine.

1994. "Art импрессии" Kiev. Ukraine.

1993-1994. "Impreza" International biennale. Ivano-Frankivsk. Ukraine.

1993-1994. "Khutor" Kiev. Lions. Khmelnitskiy. Ukraine.

1993. "Under the apple tree" National museum of Ukrainian art. Kiev. Ukraine.

1993. "Kiev - APT" National museum of Ukrainian art. Kiev. Ukraine.

1991. "Unity" - 100 of Ukrainian artists of the world. National museum of Ukrainian art. Kiev. Ukraine.

1991. Kiev "View" - Lviv "The Way". Kiev. Lions. Ukraine.

1990. Exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art. YSTAD. Sweden.

1989. "Impreza" International biennale. Ivano-Frankivsk. Ukraine.

1989. The"Look"Of Kiev. Belgrade. Berlin. Warsaw.

1988. "Dialogue through centuries". Kiev. Ukraine.

1987. The"Look". Kiev. Ukraine.

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