Pryadko Vladimir Mikhailovich

Was born 04.03.1942, the village Khodorov Kiev region. Graduated from the Kyiv state art institute (1966). Teachers at the speciality - I. Makogon, V. Lucak, A. Gorskaya, G. Lysenko. Works in the field of monumental-decorative art. Major works: tapestries - "Rus" (1978), "the Legend of the Cue" (1982), "Kiev - the city-hero" (1985), of monumental painting of the walls, facades, the southern wall of the Varvarinskoye limit and дияконника Michael's golden-domed monastery; the"Miracle sv. The Barbarians", "Cathedral of the archangel Michael" in al.,  Kiev (1998-2000). Member NUAU (1976). People's artist of Ukraine (1996). The Winner of the National prize of Ukraine them. T. Shevchenko (1998)

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