Gaevoy Mikhail Vasilievich

Born November 3, 1972 in the village Krasilovka Chernihiv region.
1990-1993 gg. Studied at the Kiev Art and Industrial College. Director Golovko VP
1993-1999 biennium. Years of study at the National Academy obrazotovorchoho art and architecture (NAFAA). Workshop painting and cathedral culture led by Professor MA Storozhenko Diploma work "Altar of the Virgin."
1999-2002. Post-graduate studies in Naomi. Director MA Storozhenko Thesis "Cathedral Reverend Fathers of Kiev Pechersk Lavra."
2003 joining the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.  2004 won first prize in a competition V. Zaretsky for 'Autumn day. "
2006 Fellow of the Kiev mayor for personal creative contribution to the development of the city.
Since 1996 participates in exhibitions nationwide. It has eight solo exhibitions, the last of which took place in Mint (2007) and National Bank (2008).
He was engaged in easel and monumental art.
Since 2004 is a member of international festival in Sevastopol.
In 2007 performed a series of icons for the iconostasis of the church of Our Lady of "The Omen" that Sevastopol area m. Kyiv.
In 2014 made a wall painting "Holy Trinity" in the Church of the Intercession of the Virgin in the village Havronschyna Kiev region.
Since 2010 takes care of iconographic school in art workshops Lavra them. Izhakevich IS

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