Kachkin Yuri Y.

Member of the Union of Artists of CA .. He was born 2012 m. Manganese, Dnipropetrovsk region ..
Painter - avtodydakt. Fundamentals of Fine Art disciplines was in the studio with Marganetsk Pioneer (excl. Nikolai Shemet). Graduated Marganetsk Mining College (1980). In Soviet times - work in art workshops IPCC. From 1989 to the present - creative work.
Active participant of national exhibitions and contests NUAU Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Shevchenko, Gogol festivals, festivals of urban culture, business and charity antique auctions, art fairs, patriotic and religious exhibitions, previews.
Some works are kept in the museum of Chiurlionis (Kaunas, Lithuania), the fixed assets Ukraine National Reserve "Sophia", Museum of History of Kyiv, Historical and Memorial Museum Hrushevsky m. Kyiv, cultural center of the Ukrainian Society for Protection of Monuments history and culture in the city. Kiev, Museum of Partisan Glory in m. Kyiv, etc .. In 2012 the capital plein air miniatures Yu Kachkina "Sophia. Kyiv.
September 6, 2011 "with assets NZ" Sophia "became an official business card art exhibition" Gifts of the Hagia Sophia".
Active participant in action in defense of Andrew's descent, Euromaidan.
Scientific Councils of the National Institute of Encyclopaedic Studies (Kyiv) and the Museum of History m. Kyiv approved and introduced into scientific use the term "capital plein air plot" by printing in the 12th volume of the Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine (2012) and the catalog for the exhibition and auction of "Kyiv forever" (2013) respectively, which were invented by the wife of George Kachkina - Irina Kachkina respect his plein air paintings (view of the great city, architecture and natural landscape, genre composition, portrait) made in a metropolis.

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