Petruk Roman I.

Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine
Born on 14. 10. 1991, c. Lutsk.
He graduated from the National Academy of Art and Architecture, painting and temple culture prof. Mykola Storozhenko (2015). Teachers at the specialty - M. Storozhenko, A. Tsuhorka V. Barinov-Kuleba, V. Gurin, IV Kovtonyuk, A. Choi, A. Bludov, A. Hard, O. Nightingale, MI Pylypenko.
Works in painting, graphics, monumental and sacred art.
Major works: "Forest Song" (2015), "Mykola Storozhenko. Ascension" (2015), the icon "Saints Princess Olga" (2013), the icon "Holy Face" (2014), the icon "Virgin Tenderness" (2015) icon "St. Nicholas" (2015), "Portrait of the actor Alexander Piskunov" (2014), "Portrait of the artist Vasily Hurin" (2016), "Mother" (2016), "The Snow Queen" (2015), "Grandma. Grey sun "(2013)

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