Feldman Albert

Albert Feldman is an Israeli and Ukrainian artist, an isotherapist, a public figure, a doctor of psychology, director of the Ukrainian-Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies named after Goldie Meir. Doctor and psychologist in education, during the last years professionally engaged in painting. Member of the Israeli and National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
The feature of Albert Feldman's creative work is the ability to combine art and professional activity.
Albert Feldman helps develop psychological rehabilitation programs for temporarily displaced persons and ATO soldiers by means of isotherapy and art treatment.
In 2015, he was the curator of the exhibition of works of painting, sculpture and applied art, sponsored by the patients of psychiatric hospitals in Ukraine.
Since 2016 - Director of the Ukrainian-Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies named after Goldie Meir; Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Sholom Aleichem Museum (Kyiv).
Albert Feldman's paintings are typical portraits, emotional landscapes, genre scenes, juicy still lifes. The scenic manner is diverse and, at times, unexpected. The theme of Albert Feldman's paintings is mostly the religious life of the Jewish people. The list of works by the author includes group and personal exhibitions in museums and galleries of Ukraine. The paintings are kept in private and museum collections (the Sholom Aleichem Museum, the Museum of the History of Kyiv, the National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery", the Israeli Cultural Center (Kyiv)).
 August 2016 - exhibition of paintings of ATO soldiers "from inside the brat" (curator of the exhibition - Albert Feldman, Museum of Sholom Aleichem, Kiev)).
 February 2016 - Personal Inventory "In Memory of Shttel" (Sholom Aleichem Museum, Kyiv).
 September 2016 - joint exhibition by Albert Feldman, MikhailTurovsky (USA), Yakim Levich, Stefan Arpad-Madyar "Babyn Yar in memory of the peoples" (Sholom-Aleichem Museum, Kyiv).
 December 2016 - personal exhibition of painting "Such life ..." (Museum of the History of Kyiv).
 July 2017 - a joint exhibition of artists by Yuri Vakulenko, Albert Feldman, photographer Sara Atlas (Paris, Ukrainian Cultural Center).
 December 2017 - Chanukah exhibition-duo of Jewish dolls and paintings (Jewish Art Hub, Kiev).
 2017-personal exhibition of paintings (Goldie Meir Performing Arts Center, Tel Aviv (Israel)).
 December 2017 - personal dinner "Dancing Shamans" (Chocolate House, Kiev).
 February 2018 - personal exhibition of painting "Tu bi-shvat in Halom. Aroma of spring "(Kiev).
 February 2018 - exhibition of paintings by Ukrainian artists (Ahra Ajinjala, Matthew Weisberg, Alexei Belusenko, Yuriy Vakulenko, Olena Drydavalova, Vlad Ralko, Alexander Roitburd, Albert Feldman) "Those who see light. February 2014 "(National Museum" Kyiv Art Gallery ");
 March 2018 - joint exhibition "ZHZL" (Painting of wonderful people) (gallery Spivakovska ART: EGO);
 May 2018 - A joint exhibition of artists by Albert Feldman, Matthew Weisberg, Alexander Fabrichnikov, German Vizulis, Dina Rosen "To the 70th anniversary of Israel" (Museum-workshop of Kavaleridze, Kiev).
 June 2018 - Albert Feldman presented a series of portraits of famous Israelis born to Ukraine to the Israeli Cultural Center.
 June 2018 - personal exhibition "Flowers from Feldman" (Sholom Aleichem Museum, Kiev).
 June 2018 - personal exhibition "Igrirozuma" (Kiev).
 July 2018 - a joint exhibition "Isaac Babel is dedicated" (Sholom Aleichem Museum, Kiev)

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