Lesinska Irina Vladimirovna

Works in painting and art photography.
Major works: "Secret Meetings" (1991), "Mysterious Hunting" (1997), "Flowers at Night" (1999), "The Kiss" (2000).
Member of the Union of Artists (1999).

"Shaped fabric works Irene Lesinskoy mysterious and paradoxical, depicted her world exists simultaneously in several dimensions - in the representation of the artist and her entourage - mighty trees, meadow grasses luxurious carpets, exquisite multicolored expensive draperies. Irina has a rare modern human integrity multifaceted vision of the world.
All it shows quickly gained equivalence quality - small is large and vice versa - Image slowly flow into each other - vplavlyayutsya each other, become a symbol - a symbol.
Finally it portrayed objects and phenomena reveal their true nature - some primary substance, which is the beginning of the beginning. Invisible more noticeable on a metaphorical level, it brings together all the real and imaginary worlds Irina. Worlds in which man becomes like his domesticated them Fox, red and yellow rose petals fall silver, and in dense bushes park hides a mythical beast - or that ravenous lion or something genial raccoon. And it is this total mythological scenes and images seem the last convincing argument
for a great future for the wonderful end to incomprehensible present Lesinskoy Irene."

Elena Mityakina, art

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