Primakova Anna Konstantinovna

Born- 23 may 1960 y.c.Kyiv Study place- Kyiv Government Artist Institute,faculty of painting, workshop of battle painting, under guidanceof professor Shatalin V. V., (1979- 1984).
1989- member of National Union of Artists.
1984- first republic exhibition.
1987- collective exhibition in Sweden.
1991- 92- exhibitions in c. Shtanberg (Germany).
1993- exhibition in c. Moscow.
1998- c. Praha (Cheh republic).
2001- c. Kyiv, exhibition in Israel culture center.
2005- personal exhibition in c. Kyiv,gallery Kolo.
2007- c. Kyiv, exhibition in fusion style, gallery Kolo.
2009- personal exhibition in c. Kyiv, gallery Grifon.
Member of international plainairs in Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine (Krimea, Zakarpate region).

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