Skochok Maria

Born 5.3.1950 p., M., Yerevan (Armenia).
She graduated from Kyiv State Art Institute (1974). Teachers at the specialty - V. Puzyrkov A. Plamenytskyy V. Zabashta, A. Budnil. Painter. Major works: "Youth Aviation" (1975), "Partita" (1977), "Day of Victory" (1982), "World conditional - real world" (1995). Member of the National Union of Artists (1985).
Participant of national exhibitions since 1974.
His works are in private collections in Ukraine, France, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Russia and the United States.
Works Online:
  1. "Created ocean" 51h51 cm (oil on canvas), 2002 
  2. "Secrets inspired Richard Wagner", 60x50 cm (oil on canvas), 2005 
  3. "Holiday color of the sun," 79h87 cm (oil on canvas), 2005 
  4.  "My new year," 60h80,5sm (oil on canvas), 2007
  5. "Apples from Chernihiv", 55x70 cm (oil on canvas), 1998 
  6. "Self-Portrait" 50x70 cm (oil on canvas), 1982 
  7. "Granddaughter came" 100h80 cm (oil on canvas), 1983 
  8. "Carnations", 70x70 cm (oil on canvas), 2006
  9. 'Youth Aviation "106h120 cm (oil on canvas), 1975 
  10. "Still Life with Vase Kosovska", 60x50 cm (oil on canvas) 2001 

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