Smelova Kristina Vitalyvna

Was born Jan. 12, 1984 in Belaja Tzerkov of the Kiev region.

2001 - graduated from the Academic art school.

2001 - 2004 - studied at the Kiev National University of Construction and

            Architecture, architect. factor. - "Fine and decorative


2003, studied at the studio of the artist V. Shulga-member National Union

            Artists of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine.

2004 - Received the National Academy of Fine Arts and

             Architecture, Faculty of monumental and easel painting.

             Participated in the Competition. B. Shatalin ("Still Life"), Kyiv.

2005 - Competition. V. Zaretsky ("Still Life", "Landscape",

             "Girl"), Kyiv.

             All-Ukrainian art exhibition "Pictorial

             Ukraine "(" Sunflower "), Odessa.

2006 .- Competition. V. Zaretsky ("Kazak Mama"), Kiev

              exhibition "semicolons" in the All-Ukrainian

             Project Artteritoriya "(Pirogovo," Panorama of Kiev "

             "Village"), Chernovetsky Regional Art Museum

              Exhibition "City without a title in the Ukrainian project

            "ArtTeritoriya" ("House of Kiev," Kiev Hills, Environs

             Kiev), Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Art Museum.

             Participant and winner of "Flowers among the flowers" ("Self Portrait")

              White Church.

              All-Ukrainian art exhibition "Day of the artist-2006

             ("On the shore Kanevsky Sea").

2007 - The All-Ukrainian art exhibition "Christmas 2007" ("Winter").

              City Contest "City on Ros. Received the diploma of the first

             extent, White Church.

              All-Ukrainian art exhibition "Day of the artist-

              2007 "(" Still Life with Pumpkin ").

            All-Ukrainian art exhibition "Christmas"

            (Zolotovorotsky Square.

             Personal exhibition "Beautiful warm breath of wind," White Church.

             Received in the youth section of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

2008 - city contest pictures to International Women's Day 8-th

             Martha, received an award in the category still life.

             14 th Annual exhibition of paintings by professional artists alliance

            City White Church "Breath next spring."

             The exhibition "On the day of the artist" (Bila Church).

2009 - art competition "City of Rosyu, received the diploma of the second

            degree for his film "Old Dam".

           Exhibition of paintings "The Day of the artist" (White Church).

           All-Ukrainian art exhibition dedicated to the Day of the Artist ("Autumn Morning").

2009 All-Ukrainian art exhibition "Christmas" 2009 ("Morning").

2010 - Competition of paintings on the International Day of the 8 th

            Marta "Flowers among the flowers," received an award in the category "Still Life".

          Solo exhibition "Color Space", Gallery Pechersk, Kiev

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