Tartakovskiy Anatoliy Isaakovich



31.05.1954. Was born in Києве in the family Of artist of Ukraine Isaac


1965-1972 Study in the Republican art school, Kiev.

1972-1978 Studies in National Academy of fine arts and

arhitekturi. The Painting. (Prof. V.V.Shatalin, Prof. V.I. Zabashta).

since 1981, the participant of many creative groups in Sednev, Gurzuf, Сенеже, Palanga,

the participant of many all-union, республиканських kiev and the kiev exhibitions.

2009 Awarded the title Заслуженого artist of Ukraine.





1990 Lenin Museum (now the Ukrainian House, Kiev.

1991 Виставочный hall "Kashirka", Moscow.

1992 Central house of artist, Moscow.

1993 The Museum Of The National Academy Of of fine art, Kiev.

1994 (joint with Isaac Тартаковским) Хаддингтон, Scotland.

1995 organized GERMED in Berlin.

1996 organized BASF in Schwarzheide, gallery BASF, Germany.

1997 the Museum of Russian art, Kiev.

1998 exhibitions in Dubrovnik and Korcula, Croatia.

1999 Museum of the National Academy of fine arts, Kiev.

2001 the Vatican Embassy in Kiev, to the arrival Of Pope John Paul ІІ.

2002 The museum of the cathedral of Sofia Kiev.

2003 organized by MERCEDES-BENZ in Athens, Greece.

2005 Fund of assistance to development of art, Kiev.

2006 Виставочный hall "SREDETZ", Sofia, Bulgaria.

2006 the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA, Washington, USA.

2006 the Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, USA.

2007 Ukrainian cultural center in Paris, France.

2007 Museum of Russian art, Kiev.

2008 Creation of "МЕТROMUZEYA Anatoly Таrtakovskiy".

2009 the House of scientists. Kiev.


Pictures And. Тартаковского are presented in some of the museums of Ukraine,

Russia, the Vatican, and in private collections of many countries of Europe,

also the USA, Canada, Australia.




1981-1985 in the portrait genre of critical realism.

1986-1989 created the basis of the Ukrainian SOTSART. Picture: "the Court"-1986.,

"Pedestrians"-1987., "Once a quiet, early in the morning...", "the Destruction of

the idea of"-1989.

1989-1992-a series of paintings "VISION", -the artistic embodiment of a new

the christian idea: "Prevention of the Second Crucifixion".

-a series of paintings: "the Feast of winners"-1990., "Wild-horse"-1991., "Entry",

"The island of love", "Єгипетский captivity"-1992.

1990-1996 an EGOCENTRIC PAINTING: the"Triple self-portrait in red

shorts", "I decided to relax a bit", "I read my favorite book".

1997-2006"the IDEA of the MEDITERRANEAN SPIRIT"-a series of landscapes with nature on

coasts of the countries of the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean,

Chornoho seas, as artistic confirmation thoughts about their common

cultural, mythological, economical past and the future.

1993-2010 development of view of NEO-IMPRESSIONIST painting,

creating a series of landscapes, still-lifes, portraits in the system


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