Zykunova Kaleriya Petrovna

Was born in 1986 Kiev in a family of the artist.
1996-2004.-studied at the State art school named after t. g. Shevchenko. Teachers: Goncharenko Ю.Є., Trotsenko V.G., Litovchenko B.O.
2004.- entry into НАОМА on the picturesque faculty. Faculty on a speciality: Vitkovsky L.,Sheremet A.,Vyrodova-Gauthier V.G.,Guyda М.,Yasenev O.P..
2006.-entry into Youth Association of КONUAU.
2008.-received an honorable mention prize in the Puzyrkova V.G.
2009.-participation in the International open-air in Bukovel.
2010.-participation in the all-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition.
Major works:"Girlfriend"(2008.),"Kiev evening"(2009.),"The storm"(2009.),"Zeremlya"(2009.)                                 2010-member NUAU

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