Bilyk Nikolay lyich

Was born 20.05.1953, the village Тоporovkа Chernivtsi region. Honored artist of Ukraine, sculptor, professor of the Kyiv state institute of decorative and applied art and design them. G. Boychuk.

n 1968-1972, he studied general subjects in the school of applied art.
1975-1980- studied at the Lviv institute of decorative and applied art.
Since 1986. - Member of the National artists union of Ukraine.
Since 1980 lives and works in Kiev.

In 1989. - The Head of the International symposium in Yampoly. I Received the prize.
1991 - Winner of the International biennale "Lviv-91". The first premium in the field of sculpture.
In 1996. -received the title of "Honored artist of Ukraine".
From 1981. - Actively participates in more than 50 republican, all-union and international exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France and the USA.
In 1988 he participated in the symposium of sculptors in Yampil, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Lutsk, Beirut (Lebanon).
Since 1983 created a number of monumental and decorative sculptures.
1983 - "Flight". The sculptural composition on the facade of the museum М.Тrublaini bronze, Odessa region.
1988 - A Monument To The T. G. Shevchenko in Ivano-Frankovsk.
1992 - the Monument to the fallen in the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945., a stone, with. Mariupol, Kiev region.
1994 - the coat of Arms). Kiev, bronze
1995 - Bust Tons. G. Shevchenko, bronze, Havana, Cuba
1995 - the Reconstruction of a monument to princess Olga, Andrew, Cyril and Methodius, marble, Kiev
1996 - A Monument G. Boychuk, bronze, Kiev
1997 - the Monument to Yaroslav the Wise, Kiev
2001. - The monument to prince Vladimir, bronze, Volyn region.
2006. - The Monument to the Heroes of Chernobyl, stone, wrought copper, Cherkassy. The author of commemorative plaques O. Olesya, B. Grinchenko,
Personal exhibitions

Gallery of the Novel Schuler, Munich, Germany - in 1992.
Gallery "House", Mykola g. Kyiv - in 1995.
Gallery "Triptych", Kyiv - in 2000.
Gallery "Колта", Kyiv - in 2001.
"Ukrainian house", Kiev in 2003.
"Ukrainian house", Chicago, USA- 2003.
Ukrainian National museum, Chicago, USA in 2004.
The Embassy of Ukraine in the USA, Washington, USA in 2004.
Museum-archive of literature and arts, Kiev - 2004.
Gallery "Triptych", Kyiv - in 2006.

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