Chepelik Vladimir Andreevich

1945 Was born in Kiev.
1972 Has ended the Kiev state art institute on a speciality - a sculpture.
With 1975 Teacher in National academy of the fine arts and architecture
With 1977 Member of the Union of artists. The active participant всеукраинских and the international exhibitions.
1990 has headed a creative workshop of an easel and monumental sculpture of National academy of the fine arts and architecture; the chairman of the board of the Union of artists of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
With 1991 Professor
With 1992 Chairman of the National union of artists of Ukraine
1993 National artist of Ukraine
1996 Full member of Academy of arts of Ukraine
1998 it is awarded the order «For merits» III degrees
2000 Winner of the National award of a name T. G.Shevchenko
2001 Winner of the award of V.Vernadsky

V.A.Chepelik - the author of many products, which steels considerable achievement of the Ukrainian culture.

Among the most known products: easel - "Pain", "S.Vasilkovsky", «Defenders of Kiev», "M.Murashko"; monuments - to Decembrists in Kamenets, the Cherkassk area (1975), heroes of the Malinsky underground to Malines Zhitomir area (1989); Тарасу Shevchenko in Chernigov (1993); to victims of Chernobyl accident in Kiev (1996); to victims of reprisals of 1937 in Bykovne near Kiev (1996), T.Shevchenko in the Fort (Kazakhstan, 1997), to M.S.Grushevsky in Kiev (1998); to outstanding actor N.F.Jakovchenko in Kiev (2000); O.Goncharu in Kiev (2001); to victims fascist concentration camps in Mauthausen (Austria, 2002).

V.A.Chepelik - one of founders of Academy of arts of Ukraine. Carries out preparation of sculptors of the top skills in workshops ассистентуры National academy of the fine arts and architecture

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