Esipenko Nikolay Romanovich

Maxime LUKE - sculptor. (Real Nicholas Yesipenko)

Was born 26.01.1959 Kiev. Graduated from the Kyiv state art institute (1984). A teacher by profession - V. Borisenko. The Sculptor. Major works: "Cloudy land" (1988), "the Great shadow of the warrior" (1993), "beauty Queen" (2000), "the guardian Angel" (2000), "the Knight" (2001). Member NUAU (1987).

Encyclopedia "who-is-who" in Geneva, Switzerland. 2013.
He was a scholar of the Union of Artists. He is a member of the Union of Artists
Ukraine. He took part in the Ukrainian and international symposia
stone in the Ukrainian and international art exhibitions, such as:
1995 solo exhibition at the Museum of Russian Art in Kiev.
1990 Exhibition "At the steppes of Ukraine." Munich. Germany.
1985 installed decorative composition "Potter". Troieschyna. Kiev.
1985 half-figure of a bronze Repin. Chuguev city. Ukraine.
1987 a memorial monument to the actor Zadniprovskomu. Kiev.
1989 installed decorative composition "Іkar". Ternopil city. Ukraine.
1990 installed decorative composition "sign of strength". Reynskharsdorf city.
1991 installed decorative composition "Vuzli on hrestі". Harkov town.
1992 installed decorative composition "Torso diameters." Kiev. Ukraine.
2001 installed decorative composition "Budivelnik". Kiev.
Obolon. Ukraine.
2004 is a bust of Taras Shevchenko. Tarashcha city. Ukraine.
2005 a memorial monument to Mikhail Bondar. Kiev. Ukraine.
2007 a memorial monument to O. Gavrilenko. Kiev. Ukraine.
2007 opened a permanent exhibition of personal work - "YESS
In 2007 established a new personal website -
2007 exhibition "Art-Kyiv. Gallery Parade". Ukrainian House. Kiev
2007 exhibition "Art-Kyiv. Great Sculpture Salon." Ukrainian House.
2008 exhibition "Art-Kyiv. Great Sculpture Salon." Ukrainian House.
2008 Exhibition "LUKSURY TAMPTATION" Kyiv.
2010-2011 personal exhibition in "Metropolitan Home" cultural halls
Reserve "Sophia of Kyiv" - together with Oksana Gnat
2011 exhibition "Great Sculpture Salon - Art Arsenal" in Kiev.
2011 exhibition "FINE ART UKRAINE".
His works are in museums:
"National Museum of Ukrainian Art." Kiev. Ukraine.
"Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art." Kiev. Ukraine.
"The National Museum of Slovenia." Slovenia.
"Khmelnitsky Museum of Art." Khmelnitsky. Ukraine.
"Museum of religion." Lviv. Ukraine.
"Lutsk Art Museum." Lutsk. Ukraine.
"Lugansk Art Museum." Lugansk. Ukraine.
"Management vistavok Union of Artists of Ukraine." Kiev. Ukraine.
"Funds of the Russian Artists' Union." Moscow. Russia.
"Korsun-Shevchenko Museum." Ukraine.
"Nicholas Art Museum." Nikolaev. Ukraine.
"Museum-Estate Repin." Chuguev city. Ukraine.
«Marsvinsholm» cultural center of Malmo. Sweden.
«Fussian art distribution» Gallery. Pittsburgh city. USA.
Films about the author:
2001 film "In the studio of the sculptor" Kiev. Association Media
2002 film "The Creation of the sculptor." Telecom Company "State and
entitled "program" architect ".
2007 film-essay "Sculpture". Company "Telecom" program "architect".
2008 film-essay "sculptor" Company "Telecom" program

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