Vachenko Oleksandr Grygorovysch

 was born on the 6 of February, 1959 in Kyiv.

In 1995 he graduated from Ukrainian Academy of Arts, with the specialization in Sculpture (Valeriy Shvetsov’s studio).

Since 1995 Oleksandr Vaschenko is a member of the National Artists Union of Ukraine, Sculpture section.

Starting from 1993 Oleksandr Vaschenko participates in various all-Ukrainian exhibitions.

1996 – Symposium near Children Academy of Arts, Obolon, Kyiv. “Archangel Mykhail”, marble.


Executor of restoration projects

1995 – National Philharmonic Hall of Ukraine, Kyiv

1997 – Ukrainian Embassy, London

2000 – Kreschatik Street, Kyiv

2000 – Central Railroad Station, Kyiv

2006 – Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Kyiv

2009 – Memorial complex, Baturyn (member of the team

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