Kirich Eduard Ilich

Born 06/02/1942 Omsk (Russia).Art director of animated films, the author of all the characters to them, screenwriter, gegmen cartoonist.State Prize of Ukraine. Shevchenko for the cult television series animated film about the adventures of Cossacks.People's Artist of Ukraine (2004)Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine (1970)Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine (1974)Graduated from the Kiev Art School named. TG Shevchenko (1961) and the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute. Ivan Fedorov (1970).Since 1962 he has been working in the VO "Ukranimafilm."Production designer, and author of characters:1966. "Why does Coq short pants"1968. "The Man Who Could Fly"1969 "The Adventures of Cossack Aeneas"1970 "How the Cossacks to play football"1971-1972 "Story about Igor campaign" (Silver sistertsy at international film festival of animation films, the Nyon, Switzerland for the iconic series)1973 "How the Cossacks brides rescued" (Silver sistertsy international animated film festival in Nyon, Switzerland for the coverage problem of combating piracy)1975 "How to teach a lesson to husbands wives'1975 "How the Cossacks salt bought"1976 - 1978 "In the world of birds 1" "In the world of birds 2»1977 "Aircraft sparrow"1978 "What it looks like"1978 "How the Cossacks" Olympians "Steel" (co-writer, the All-Union Film Festival Bronze medal sport films Leningrad)1979 "How the Cossacks Musketeers helped"1981 "unlucky star"1983 "Service"1985 "Girl and the Hare"1985 "The Old Man and the cock"1985 "secret trick" (Wick № 286)1986 "People and doors" (Wick № 7 ())1986 "My father's science" (writer) 1987 "Stone Age"1988 "Life of pencils" (writer)1988 "We are women. The most beautiful "1989-1991 "Aeneid" Ukrainian-length animated film (7 parts)1991 "Stone of history" (writer)1993 "Walks Garbuz the kitchen garden" (writer)1995 "How the Cossacks play hockey" (writer)1995 Participated in the French project "A Dog's Life" in Poland studio "Orange"1996 - 1998 Studio "Borisfen-Lyutes" French project producer Lehner "Donkey skin""Tales of Uncle Séguin" Alphonse Daudet"Stories of duck life"1998-2000 Studio Pilot Russia American project "Mike Lu and Og"2000-2005 Commercials. TV bole10 stories.2005 "War of apples and caterpillars"2006 "The Fox and the Blackbird '2007 "The Cat that flew"2007 "Fox Nikita" (26 serial animated film)Book Graphics1969 -1990 Publisher "Phallus." Children's books.1975-1990 Journal "Malyatko" illustration.2001-2005 Cartoons, caricatures, comics, magazines, "Ukraine", "International tourism", "Four Men".Unfinished animation projects:2000 "How the Cossacks saw a dream"2001 "How the Cossacks Krinitsa Cop"2008 "Abu Kasimovo sneaker" Franko "Forest Song" Lesya Ukrainka2007 "Who's Afraid of Uncle Babay"2009 - 2012 "Katigoroshek"2008-2012 "The years of my" on the works of Maria Prymachenko (co-writer)Author's works are in private collections. (Ukraine, France,Poland, USA, Germany).Sketches for the film "Fox Nikita" on display in the house-museum in Lviv Ivan Franko

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