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Exhibition "Our time"

April 12, 2019
Painting and graphics of contemporary Ukrainian artists.
Art Gallery "Mityts"
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Story. Spirituality. Art.

We live in a difficult period of the formation of Ukrainian society aimed at the European level. State and public organizations are looking for ways to affirm the image of Ukraine in the world community. This was how the “Temples of Ukraine” creative project was organized, which was attended by the Kiev Orthodox Theological Academy, St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, the public organization “Sumy Association in Kiev”, the Kiev Organization of the National Union of Artists Ukraine, which by the way celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

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Imprints of time. Personal exhibition of Olga Vorony

04/02/2019 Dropout of the exhibition 17:00, gallery "Mityts"
Olga Vorony-Adamenko's creativity refers to Ukrainian folk arts and crafts, which reaches the roots of the boundless centuries, and at the same time to the artistic practices of the twentieth century, when the advent of the art of avant-garde was the convergence of modernity and the archaic era. At first glance, a slightly sealed world of a mistress is perceived as just opened, as if seen with children's eyes, full of joyous freedom of act of creation ... The aesthetics of her works, as once Dadaism, breaks the established framework of artistic creativity, relying on the free game of imagination and the logic of mythological thinking embodied in the notion of "bricolage".
The brilliant way of building an artistic space is based on the principle of stratification and nunization of elements.
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