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"Paradise Country"

I am especially pleased to write about the work of Alexander Nikolayevich Cherednichenko. First of all, we associate the joint attraction of fine arts, the historical Sumy region, the participation of the artist in the artistic competition dedicated to M. M. Makarenko, the open-airs and exhibitions organized by Sumy Tovarichstva in the city of Kiev. Cherednichenko dedicated his exhibition "Paradise Country" to Ukraine, namely, to the Ukrainian land, which is so eloquently sung by Kobzar, glorified by Alexander Oles, voiced by Yevhen Adamstsevich "Cossack March".
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Happy Easter!

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Bulgarian spring 2018

Spontaneous age people tend to be beautiful. For the sake of expression of their creative emotions, they make unexpected steps, pass the tests, seek out artistic images overcoming the torment of creativity ... The lifeblood from which inspiration is drawn by artists is the history of mankind is full of fateful events. One of such phenomena is the liberation struggle of the Bulgarian people from the Osman's yoke.

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