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Exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian artists. February 20-27, 2018

On February 20, 2018, an exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian artists opens at 17-00 in the gallery "Mityts"

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Ukraine from Trypillya to the present

The author of the aforementioned project, Alexander Melnyk, noted that the Biennial was planning to revive the historical genre in Ukrainian art, the Honored Artist of Ukraine. Throughout centuries the internecine enmity was stirred up, the truth about the historical path of the Ukrainian people was distorted, the basis of its culture, language, and "disadvantageous" pages were simply removed from the background of national consciousness.

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Attention, art sections of decorative and applied art CONSU!

From 9.02.18 to 18.02.18 in the gallery "The artist"  WILL VISIT THE EXHIBITION OF THE SECTION

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