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Keys to Alexander Melnikov

Creativity of Kiev artist Oleksandr Melnikov is imbued with symbolism. In each work, there are hidden keys to understanding the aspirations that the artist puts into the canvas space, generously endowing with its decorative character, carefully inscribing each centimeter. Melnikov's paintings are timeless and sacred. The palette is defined by the baptismal mood of the author, who positions himself as an artist of "warm" tones.

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Chronicler of life's truth

These words belong to the artist Petr Ivanovich Kodiev (1899-1962), whose creative path was formed during the difficult period of the totalitarian regime in Ukraine. His work was little known to the general public, but thanks to the research of the doctor of art, Alexei Rogotchenko managed to create an idea about the complex life and creative way of the artist. A monograph of the daughter of a painter of art historian, doctor of cultural science, Olena Kodyeva, revealed herself to the specialists as the artist managed to realize himself, being in the very epicenter of extremely complex and controversial events of the Civil and Great Patriotic War. P.Kodeyev mastered various genres and techniques and created entire cycles of artistic works in which the true life of the Ukrainian people rages.
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Galina Bodyakova's creativity brings moral values

Recently, the low level of education of youth, especially school-age children, is felt. They not only lack free time to visit museums, art galleries, concerts, but also there is no desire to communicate on spiritual topics. Somewhere in the upbringing lost something important and necessary. The answer is given to us by the Holy Scripture, where in the Prophecy of King Solomon it is clearly said: "Bring the young man to the road, and he will be as old as he will not depart from it." This opinion will be confirmed by the work of Ukrainian artist, philosopher, writer Galina Bodyakova, who can influence her works on the ethical and aesthetic development of man.
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