Reflections on art

Every artist is looking for his own way in art. Several components contribute to its meetings with the creative Olympus. Natalya Kokhal passed them gradually, confidently creating their creative resume. She was born in a creative family of leading artists of Ukraine, whose works were exhibited at the retrospective exhibition "The Dynasty. 100 years in art ", so imaginative thinking, selflessness and love for art came to life from childhood.  

My father, Volodymyr Kokhal, Honored Artist of Ukraine, a painter, a pupil of the Victor Shatalin workshop, gave his daughter an illumination palette. Mother, Olga Slyota, the daughter of a famous painter Peter Slobody, instilled love for Ukraine, working capacity and faith in herself. The love for creativity was supported by Granny Galina Zorya, who was able to encourage, praise her grandchildren for the created drawings. Apparently, therefore, in Natalka's paintings, the light has a special magnetism, and the romantic mood and positivity of the red tape pass through all her creativity. N.Kohal is a purely Ukrainian artist who selflessly sang folk sources, folklore semantics, customs and rituals of the picturesque native land.

There is another important feature that separates the artist from the others, she is a purely practical artist, because he believes that every created work is needed to serve people. That is why in the creative treasury the masters have postage stamps, illustrations for children's books, scenes that can be used in the painting of fabrics, tapestries, clothing. Suffice it to recall the bloc "Generous Ukraine. Spring "with a variety of spring flowers that decorate the earth from early spring: delicate mimosa, aromatic forest violet, sleep-grass, jasmine, tulips, snowflakes, forget-me-nots, delicate lilies, cherry and apple blossoms ... All this is a keen eye, creative perseverance, the desire to draw a picture to the filigree of accuracy.

The search for new ideas and original artistic images leads her to the series "Treasures of the past" which includes illustrations of the fairy tale "Iron Wolf". The artist successfully combines realistic scenes with fantastic surroundings, in which there are heroes. Funny pictures are full of dynamic movements of fairy-tale characters that reflect the folk folklore of Ukraine. Natalka is able to combine decoration with the dynamics of allegorical images in which life rages.

Natalya Volodymyrivna weighed nature, about such say on the stick do not hold! And this is really true, frankness and honesty for her are important criteria for relations between people. Therefore, she easily feels all injustice and boldly goes to fight injustice. Her heart is embarrassed by problems in society and is responding to dramatic works such as "Battle of the Parrots," "Relationships" or the series "Time of the Times". Despite the dramatic events of recent years, the main criterion for her creativity is positive. Natalka successfully uses symbolism in his compositions, which gives the pictures a special sharpness and completeness. The artist's soul is filled with gratitude and light memory, and she writes a picture of the dedication of the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland.

Until his anniversary, N.Coal assembled his family, friends and colleagues in the art gallery at the artist's opening ceremony. Congratulations to the artist gathered all the boomond of the capital. She heard a lot of good words from the rector of NAOM A. Chebikin, the chairman of the NSCU V.Cherelika, the chairman of the Kiev organization NSChU V.Konoval, teachers of creative universities, journalists, art critics, friends twins, friends, relatives and dear people's hearts. On the eve of the Christmas holidays and the New Year's expectations, the attendees received an incredible positive beauty, nobility, refined culture. We like the jubilees of new creative ideas. Health and inspiration in the field of contemporary Ukrainian art.

Valentina Yefremova art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine, laureate of the prize named after him. Plato Biletsky
Photos from the archive of the artist and friends from the exhibition ....