Presentation of the virtual exposition of contemporary sculpture "Conditional method"

We are waiting for the exhibition from 11 to 19 every day!
On May 11, in the Kyiv gallery "Mityts" a presentation of the virtual exhibition of contemporary sculpture "Conditional Way" will take place. The exhibition will be held within the framework of the large-scale Project Volume Park.
Famous artists (Nazar Bilyk, Alexey Zolotaryov, Alexander Dyachenko, Kateryna Buchatskaya, Petro Hronsky, Danylo Shumikhin, Ivan Pidgayniy, Alisa Zabo) will address the issues of institutional development of Ukrainian culture. They will suggest plunge into the world of virtual reality in order to be able to appreciate their real possibilities in the boundless world of virtual aspirations so far.
The project is an important precedent for the presentation of contemporary art collaboration and the latest technology.
The portal to the virtual world of art during the presentation of the project and the exhibition will be Lenovo's virtual reality helmets and Lenovo's legion Y520's powerful notebooks.
Concept of the project:
The virtual world, which is already available to the modern person, despite all its contradictory properties, allows you to avoid inconveniences and limitations of the usual reality. Everyone here enters something in restoring the ideal environment in which theoretically it would be comfortable to co-exist with all the participants in the "construction". The utopia of the situation lies in the fact that the imaginary realization of real needs reduces the chances that they will ever be realized in reality.
Such mimicry is characteristic of society, especially if it is slowed down or accelerated. And the excessive demands for such a society push its participants to professional simulation and situational adaptations instead of gradual development.
Attempts to survive in conditions of constant competition and overpriced standards are often accompanied by a substitute for concepts that catastrophically affect the future fate of this society.
In the "Conditional Way" project, we decided to address the painful issue of Ukrainian culture - institutional development. Wandering among the categories "we have", "adopted mother", "we want to have", "we know how", "we must be able", etc., we offer as an experiment plunge into the world of virtual reality in order to be able, at last, to evaluate their real possibilities in the infinite world of virtual aspirations.
K. Ray
In the organization of the project took part:
- NGO Congress of Cultural Activists - The Congress is developing a network of cultural activism and facilitates the implementation of interdisciplinary projects. Encourages the exchange of cultural experiences, the development of cooperation between cultural leaders from different countries, national and international cultural organizations, establishing links with similar organizations, including foreign and international;
Promotes the development of creative industries, dissemination and popularization of achievements of Ukrainian and world culture and art.
- NGO Kiev organization NSCU - National Union of Artists of Ukraine
All-Ukrainian public creative organization of professional artists and art critics.
- "GOU Sculptural Workshop" - public
an organization that brings together like-minded people and professionals in the field of sculpture and artistic education. Exist since 2014.
- KIEV FASHION PARK is a social and artistic philanthropic project aimed at popularizing Ukrainian contemporary art and Ukrainian authors by installing sculptures, art objects, art lavas in Kyiv's public space.
Developed by: Indium Lab - Kiev studio of virtual and augmented reality. Publishes comprehensive VR / AR projects in education, marketing and entertainment. Collaborates with customers in Ukraine, Europe and the Middle East.