Passion for chairmanship or what is meant by IF art syndrome

Passion for chairmanship or what is meant by IF art syndrome
Any creative union is a complex and problematic institution. It is problematic to determine for what reason - either because of poor heredity and history that began in the days of the USSR and tends to reach the present with the same old Soviet traditions and habits. Or because of constant dissatisfaction of the artists - society, art market, environment, themselves, in the end. One way or another, but the perturbations in creative unions are a commonplace thing. That's why we will talk about the Ivano-Frankivsk regional organization of the NSCU (hereinafter - IFONCSU), whose chronicles have become popular in the art environment not only in Ivano-Frankivsk.
And it began again in February this year due to unsuccessful regular reelections of the chairman of the board of this respected organization. A little distracting, I want to note that Ivano-Frankivsk is a special city due to the artistic space and trends. One should not stop, why, most importantly, with a small number of its members - only 67 people (with the right to vote 64), there are periodic disasters and storms.
The elections did not take place due to the fact that the creative team split into those who favor the acting Chairman of the Board, Mykola Yakymech (who submitted his candidacy for re-election) and those who do not consider themselves. The united community of "opponents of Yakimechka" impressed the figure of another candidate for the head. Only one moment was not taken into account. The candidate they liked did not have an appropriate 4-year work experience in the governing bodies of the territorial organization of the Union. And this is clearly stated in the Statute of the NSCU, which "opponents Yakimechka" and their candidate should know. Why is the Union of Artists so meticulous attitude to the leadership of regional organizations? There are many and most important reasons in the desire to preserve the potential of the creative union, above all, material.
We go further. "Opponents of Yakimechka" did not stop there, and in February at the same meeting they issued a directive on the need to revise the imperfect, in their opinion, Statute. It was decided to change this article to a more modern and democratic one, which was that it was possible to head the territorial organization without work experience. The main thing - that a person was good and everyone liked. Nikol Yakymechka was appointed acting and obliged to make appropriate amendments to the UNESCO Statute. (Incidentally, the wording of the Act is completely absent in the Statute of the NSCU and is addressed to it in exceptional cases, that is, it is not a procedural norm for NSCU). To accomplish this task, he was given 2 months. It should be noted that at this meeting there were present guests from Kiev, the Deputy Chairmen of the Board of NSCU M. Kischuk and V. Zinchenko who, according to their position and position
The statutes were very well known and understood that such interventions would not be easy to implement. At the local level, it is necessary to hold a general meeting to make amendments. Then everyone present at the meeting with a passport and a membership card in his hands must personally sign the protocol of amendments. Next, this protocol should go to the NSCU Statutory Committee in Kyiv and carefully check if the amendments made to the Statute of the NSCU in general are in conformity. And only then the document with the resolution of the Statutory Committee comes back to the place, after which the territorial office has collected a number of documents to go to the registration of amendments to the Ministry of Justice. If you put together all these procedural actions, then years for two can and cope.
It would seem that history is the end? An no, no. Because there is a legendary IF art syndrome. "Opponents of Yakimechka" began to write appeals, statements and complaints, accusing the latter of numerous abuses and even falsifications of the Charter. The only thing that surprises is the number of signatories - only 8 people, which is clearly not enough for the quorum. Given the above written about the registration of such a responsible document, as the Statute and its amendments, it is clear that none of the allegations is true. But the question to the team that they did in 2016 and 2017, when amendments were made to the Charter of their native territorial organization, clearly arises. As well as the reason why they were so passively involved in the planning of exhibition activities during the 4 years of Yakymech's presidency, accusing him of "inaction and violation of the statutory norms." Who really violates statutory norms and who can blame for inaction? Exactly not Yakymechku, who during his reign organized and held about 90 exhibitions of famous Ukrainian artists, among which only one name of the national artist of Ukraine Nikolay Storozhenko is worth! Although, according to the IF art syndrome, for some of the artists there are no corsairs, authorities or laws. The main thing is that "I think so, I will and will do".
Dear, but you can not confuse the concept of democracy and anarchy! And, most importantly, it is not possible to loose morality and ethics to such an extent to pour dirty sweats on someone who is not good for you. After all, gossip about abuse, etc., etc., around the name Yakimechka broke in recent months a lot. Ba, an artist from the friendly Kolomyia Union "daughter", even painted a corresponding painting. It was not a lazy thing for the artist to spend his skill, ability and ability on such opus!
And if someone thinks that the rebels managed to stop the NSDC Secretariat in Kiev, then it is profoundly mistaken. At the end of May there was another incident. Obviously, having decided that they had made tactical mistake by choosing Yakimechnik v., They made an attempt to hold another general meeting in order to re-vote the acting. In a way, they were so overplayed that some artists, having heard the "monologue of the poor Lisa" about the abuse of Yakimechna, got up and left the meeting. And they did it right! Those who stayed, voted, made a report, etc. etc., and decided to oblige Yakimechka to transfer the seal and all documentation of IFONSHU to another artist to whom they have the trust and respect. Yakimechko, understanding the incorrect actions of the opposition, issued an order that canceled all the attempts of revolutionary innovations. And it did absolutely right, because the actions of some members of the UNESCO "may cause material damage and damage the reputation of the territorial organization of the IFONCAU and may result in the deprivation of membership by the UNESCO in the NSCU for non-compliance with the requirements of the NSCU Statute and other regulations" (from the Order of May 25, 2018) .
Consequently, the reality show will continue, after all, re-election of the Chairman of the Board will have to be held and "non-admirers Yakimechka" should be properly organized and, in the end, determine who will win according to the number of votes, and not the amount of dirt. However, it is difficult to predict what the next 8 steps will come up with. They say they have very influential advisers and lobbyists in the slums of the Central House of Artists in Kyiv. And this can even be believed in light of the audacity and frank whisper that some members of IFONSHU are arranged today for the whole of Ukraine.
Personally, in the whole of this story, and given the whole "parade of planets", which has lasted for several months in the sky of UNICEF, it worries about the implementation of the same NSCU Statute, in which there is a remarkable clause 4.8: "A Union Member may be expelled from the Union for systematic or gross violation of the Charter of the Union, the Charter of the respective territorial organization of the Union; failure to comply with decisions of the authorities of the Union, decisions of the governing bodies of its territorial organization; for carrying out unethical actions that are incompatible with the rank of a member of a creative union and a professional creative worker. "