I will gather my thoughts

I will gather my thoughts ... Creative portrait of the artist
In order to get a closer look at the artist, his creative nature, the presentation, the priorities that affect his life must be visited in his workshop. So it happened in this hot summer, when everything seemed to be frozen in anticipation of the healing rain ...
Our communication with Vadim Mikhalchuk brought this life-giving wave, which is so necessary for creative nature. The conversation concerned the culture and art of Ukraine and was held in the midst of a new series of paintings by the artist already completed and just started. There were a lot of common themes: the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (which we both graduated in different years), the life of the Kiev organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (members of which we are), the exhibition activity of the capital, new printed publications, the contribution of outstanding artists to the development of the artistic image Of Ukraine.
Modern minimalism in the decoration of workshops, paintings, delicious coffee flavors, albums, books on the history of art history influenced the conversation on the souls. Mikhalchuk was not a simple path to his creative Olympus, conquering several areas in the field of fine arts. He is currently a Honorary Professor at ShenZhen University of Technology, an associate professor at the Department of Art Studies at the National Academy of Cultural and Arts Leaders, Ph.D., an artist, a collector, a gallery specialist, and an artist. For this all, daily hard work, fruitful creative activity, scientific intelligence, accumulation of experience, the formation of a worldview. In 2013, he protects the candidate's thesis, after three years he receives the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine, has honored awards for his contribution to the development of spirituality: the Order of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir, the Order of St. Michael the Wonderworker. In the port of the folio V.Mihalchuk many credentials, thanks, diplomas.
Now, having successfully completed his first personal exhibitions, to which he received the blessings from the leaders of the Ukrainian Culture Foundation Dmitry Yanko and Boris Oliynyk, he freely reveals his soul on the palette, confidently demonstrates his own artistic style, surprising the appreciators of fine arts.
Now that a successfully defended Ph.D. thesis on the topic "Gallery activity in the system of artistic culture of independent Ukraine", created own development of lectures on the basics of collecting, museum and gallery practice, listen to his voice, respectfully waiting for a weighed word. A cohort of graduates under his leadership has been gratefully embracing an independent artistic path for more than one year. V.Mihalchuk has to simultaneously conduct several cases of scientific, teaching, research, purely practical artist. He is a curator of creative projects, participates in television programs, follows the development of contemporary art, visits exhibitions, museums, travels. And this is not for a fashionable party, but rather an inner need to see everything with their own eyes, to build a critical thought on a real basis. Such overload requires consolidation of efforts, dense schedule, concentration. In the activity of Mikhalchuk there is no tares, everything that he is engaged in produces fruitful shoots.
He never envies, and as there are situations of ovations, then most likely in support of the brothers in the workshop. Mikhallchuk's priorities are everything that helps make the world better, and life is happier. Even the irony, which fills its natural formations, creates a soft tone of relations between the heroes of the paintings, the author and the observers, as evidenced by the paintings "Alina. Gordian knot "," Soft touch "," Model No. 197 ".
In spite of numerous innovations in the field of contemporary painting, in recent years there has been a general tendency toward the historical theme, the immortality of sacred monuments. The fate of Mikhalchuk, who passes the favorite corners of the capital in the key to refined aesthetics, has not passed. In my opinion, in the series of the picture of this direction, there is a monumentality of compositional construction, optimism, special beauty. Wherever B.Mihalchuk traveled, and this is the capital of the leading European countries with world-class masterpieces of galleries, intrigued by the cities of China, Silk Road that crossed the Milky Way in Kyiv, its mother-in-law, and all that is associated with it, is magnetized by it. Apparently, on the works of the artist, from the comprehensive grandeur of the Carpathians to the unique sacred monuments of the capital, everything breathes life-giving energy and love. He hospitably invites the viewer to a dialogue, offers to feel the beauty, find the truth, find a compromise.
Vadim Vladimirovich believes that art warms a special role in the formation of a progressive society. The visual mass culture creates the basis for the cultivation of artistic tastes, influences the development of aesthetic and ethical skills. When asked why, in spite of a rather negative reality, he is dominated by light colors of elegiac, I received the answer from the environment in which I was. Books on history, literature, culturological direction, many catalogs with helpful inscriptions opened the priorities of the master of the workshop. Vadim Volodymyrovych shared in a conversation that Mykola Gogol, Dostoevsky, Yaroslav Gasek has attracted him recently. As never before, brilliant statements from "Insider Notes" give answers to current problems in society. The earth is spinning on its axis, time is returned, and problems with it return. It is necessary to comprehend everything, and the process of restarting consciousness with the disclosure of the truth from the past of its people is not easy, therefore, we have to find compromises.
Due to the fact that Mikhallchuk's creative and scientific activities are organically linked with the activities of the international artistic community, he actively participated in creative travel abroad: Habrin and Daoming (China), Almaty (Kazakhstan). In numerous travels of the artist I found the key to his inspiration - new meetings, new experiences, accumulation of experience, which became a good combination for creative ideas.
 Mykola Gogol claims that there is no man's highest pleasure, than the pleasure of creativity. Therefore, Vadim Mikhalchuk, listening to his idol, proves that it is important to look at the work of his hands with pleasure, turning the world around for the better ...
Valentina Yefremova art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine.
Photo is the property of V.Mihalchuk