Galina Bodyakova's creativity brings moral values

Recently, the low level of education of youth, especially school-age children, is felt. They not only lack free time to visit museums, art galleries, concerts, but also there is no desire to communicate on spiritual topics. Somewhere in the upbringing lost something important and necessary. The answer is given to us by the Holy Scripture, where in the Prophecy of King Solomon it is clearly said: "Bring the young man to the road, and he will be as old as he will not depart from it." This opinion will be confirmed by the work of Ukrainian artist, philosopher, writer Galina Bodyakova, who can influence her works on the ethical and aesthetic development of man.
G. Bodyakov's creative credo was formed on the principles of the art school of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, which she successfully graduated in 1991. Then the own practical school began, searching for the interpretation of those truths that were consistent with its outlook and feeling. Created by her artistic inspirational, incredibly touching, remembered by a special expressiveness. Immersing in the artist's work, we not only get spiritual, aesthetic pleasure, but also fill with eternal values ​​that are so important for the formation of a humane society.
G. Bodiakova turns his works into a society overwhelmed by urbanization, cruelty, contempt for spiritual principles, and offers ways to change it for the better. "Talking about worthy things, when it's not interesting to anyone, is an ungrateful task. - says one of the heroines of the fairy tale "Horse for the future prince". But the fact is that the value of meaningful literary essays by Bodyakov, accompanying the illustrations of her books, that they concern the reader, arouse the presentation. The artist offers small stories full of deep meaning where the heroes of these stories, and these are animals, birds, insects, able to ponder and act as people. The dolphin floats with the Pussy, the Bear plays with the Fishes, and around the boats and sailboats swirl around and everyone on their wave. Toys turn into sensible advisers who are able to correctly assess the situation, suggest the right decision. The artist talks about the sea and its inhabitants, where the fish fun round dances, about Gray Hare, who dreams of a great family and a house full of joy, even about a Kitten who enthusiastically listens to Claude Debussy!
The content of works by Bodjiakova is instructive, and the actions made by heroes of her stories open the world of goodness, help adults to be patient and attentive ... She paints a world of childhood filled with discoveries, impressions, and a lot of questions. We are already looking at our own problem in the eyes of the artist, who is ready to support and help solve it. It's enough to open a story about the "Princess of Sand Castles" and we will find tips that are not only necessary for young beauties, but also for many of us.
We feel the creative pleasure with which the artist creates his own paintings, it is in vain that her works are known not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. That is why the tales for adults created by Bodiacov are so timely and instructive in our unbalanced present. Heroes of her works are international, understandable in essence, therefore the artist's exhibitions have successfully visited Germany, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania ...
 Galina Bodyakova is available in free interpretation of the stories therefore her artistic images are understandable to adults and children, useful to the general public. In every story that has been created, without falsity and eagerness, there is a secret that the viewer and the reader need to feel for themselves, the main thing is to let go of your dream for freedom.
Valentina Romenska