Lecture "Raphael v Durer"

In the walls of the Kiev Planetarium September 28, 2018 at 18:30, a meeting will take place - a lecture by Rafael v. Duerer, conducted by art historian Anna Vladimirskaya.
We believe that this topic of the meeting would be very interesting for the artistic community ...
Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo ... Three names, closely linked in history, make up one wonderful constellation on the horizon of the Renaissance. The star of Raphael today is shining no less than the two sunshine of the Renaissance, Leonardo and Michelangelo - his elder contemporaries. But there was an artist whose works were an endless example for imitation. This artist was a genius, who was called "German Leonardo da Vinci" - Albrecht Dürer ..
For many centuries, the name of Albrecht Durer has been known to be one of the most prominent creators in the history of mankind. He was an extraordinary master of graphics, an unrivaled painter, theoretician of art, and, moreover, a scientist who researched the theory of perspective and geometry, which is still relevant. Portraits and self portraits of Durer captured not only the aristocrats of this world, but also artists. They had a kind of declaration in which Dürer proclaimed that he was no longer an artisan, but the artist, therefore, is God's chosen one! Raphael revered over Genre Durer.
As the work of Raphael was filled with the discoveries of Durer - we will talk in our conversation.