The Kiev organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and the gallery "MITETS" represent the exhibition of Andriy ALEKSANDROVYCH "MYTHS 'APPLICATION".
The exhibition devoted to the 60th anniversary of the artist will last from 10.11.2018 until 10.20.2018.
Аndriy ALEKSANDROVYCH is the chief painter of the Ivan Franko National Theater, associate professor of the National Academy of Arts and Architecture (NAOMA), Honored Worker of the Arts of Ukraine.
"... continuity of search, creativity non-stop, step by step, calmly, stubbornly, confidently, without looking at the sides, to look at others jealously, without looking at the void and the small, respecting and cultivating their internal freedom - the movement upwards the sky, to the truth, to himself. Andriy Alexandrovich succeeded "- wrote art critic Serhiy Vasiliev about the artist.
The exhibition presents the easel works of the artist, executed in various techniques and created from 1991 to 2018 gg., Which comprise the following cycles:
1. "MYTHS DEVELOPMENT", 2009-2018. This cycle is aimed at a new interpretation of the famous biblical plots of the Old Testament;
2. "WHEN WE WAS GOD," 2017. Under the influence of Etruscan culture, the artist depicts images-portraits of his contemporaries;
3. "MY HAMLET", 1991-1997. A series of graphic works on the work of Shakespeare. "... Andriy Aleksandrovich in 1991 embodied his prophet" Hamlet "in Ternopil, simulating the world on the stage that, as a suicide bomber, strangled himself, stuck his own throat with cellophane gags, turning, eventually, into an ideally dead area for the invaders - soulless, indifferent , identical, as metal blacks, soldiers of Fortinbras. In the end, we are now living. "Sergei Vasiliev, article" Philosopher on a bike ", 2008;
4. "STILTS", 2012-2013. Socio-satirical series - artist's reflections on the world around him;
5. "PRO-CRIMEA OUR", 1994-2014. Painting works related to the Crimean peninsula.
However, they all fully correspond to the creative credo of the artist, which Andriy ALEKSANDROVYCH formulated as follows:
"In every plot, deeply, archetypically, the hidden origins of the myth.
Every time I get started, I'm trying to find or unravel the hidden mythology. If it is not, I will create it.
The end of each century is a definite result. Each beginning of the century is a certain prognosis, or a rethinking of the myth. Finding an adequate form is a challenge and a task.
The form is content.
The new form is a new myth. And so without end, to the very end. "