February 1, 2019 at 16:00 in the Central House of Artist at the address of the street. The exhibition is devoted to the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Kievan organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, where more than 500 works of contemporary Ukrainian artists working in various industries and styles of contemporary fine art will be presented at the Library of Congress, 1-5, Livskaya Square.
Among numerous authors, such as: Barinova-Kuleba V.I., Vesttak V.I., Barbarov A., Groh MN, Gurin V.I., Dzhuraeva O., Zhyvotkov O., Lytovchenko B.O. ., Pylypenko I., Guyda M., Pynchuk O., Stratyichuk O., Tartakovsky A., Tsoi A., Chebikin LV, Shereshevsky V., Krivolap L. D., Chepelik V. A., Kushch A. .В., and many others. Along with contemporary works that reflect the actual trends in the arts, will be presented the work of past years from private and family celebrations.
The Kyiv organization of NSChA was founded in 1969. In different times, its members were outstanding Ukrainian artists who made glory to Ukrainian art: Yablonskaya Tetiana, Deregus Mikhail, Yakutovich Georgy, Shishko Sergey, Znoba Valentin, Storozhenko Nikolai, Borodai Vasyl, Odaynik Vadim and many others.
For today the organization has 1500 members working in various branches of fine arts - painting, graphite, sculpture, decorative and applied arts, poster and design, artistic designing and decorating, theatrical and cinema art, criticism and art criticism. The main task of the organization is the full support and development of the Ukrainian fine arts on the principles of voluntary unification of professional creative workers who work in the field of fine arts and culture, self-government, mutual assistance and cooperation, noninterference in the creative process of the free choice of forms and methods of creative activity, recognition of copyright right