Maryan Savelyev is one of the last romantics

Man's activities affect the world around him. This is especially true of creative individuals who have the gift to change it through their original artistic images. All these features are inherent in the famous representative of the Kiev School of Fine Arts sculptor Maryan Ivanovich Savelyev (1932-2013), which will be discussed in this article.
A retrospective exhibition in memory of M. Savelyev opened at the Artist Gallery, with all the precautions that are marked by the post-quarantine period, said the director of the gallery, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, art critic Karina Kravets. At the exhibition, created with the support of the sculptor’s son Ivan Grigoriev, you can see not only the sculpture, but also the characteristic drawings of early art.
Maryan Savelyev was born in the Luhansk region, he felt the urge to paint since childhood. Therefore, he purposefully entered the Kyiv State Art Institute, which he successfully graduated from in 1958. Workshop of luminaries of Ukrainian art teachers
I. Makogon and O. Oliynyk gave their fruitful sprouts. The academic features inherent in the Ukrainian fine arts of the second half of the twentieth century went through the red ribbon through the works of Savelyev. He then joined the dynasty of famous Grigoriev artists as an original creative personality.
The sculptor possessed impeccable plasticity, filling his works with the warmth of humanity, daydreaming, truthfulness. According to the head of the sculpture section of KONSHU, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Alisa Zaboy, Maryan Savelyev is the last romantic to whom, not looking for "profitable heroes", he boldly defended his own artistic vision.
M. Savelyev worked in monumental sculpture, leaving historical monuments to V. Kryshchenko, A. Malyshko, P. Usenko. He dedicated many works to outstanding scientists of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. More than a hundred works of the master in marble, bronze, wood, ceramics replenished the treasury of Ukrainian art.
The sculptor dedicated half a century to the female theme. The beginning was laid in the diploma pair composition "Swimwear". Then throughout his life M. Savelyevformed his own
pectoral from the weaker sex of different professions: students, cooks, models, there is even a conductor, in whom the sculptor saw primarily lyricism, romance, openness. Saveliev's desire to beautify the world according to the laws of beauty and harmony should be determined. Here he is helped by the free possession of plastic anatomy, which he learned during his student years. The author easily uses complex angles that allow the sculpture to create a dynamic movement in space, action. Perhaps that is why there is a state of dialogue between the artist, the work and the viewer.
Savelyev possessed almost all the techniques inherent in sculpture, but in my opinion, wood and bronze are polar in their processing materials, subject to the master in all its fullness. At the exhibition you can see drawings of charcoal, pencil, sanguine, which complemented the biography of the artist with his essay mood. It feels like an artist is confused by family relationships, preserving the memory of generations. And in the images of his son and mother, he reveals himself as a lyricist and a romantic.
Maryan Savelyev entered the history of Ukrainian art with works of impeccable sculpture. The sculptor skillfully transmitted positive energy to others through three-dimensional modeling. Artistic images are frank and filled with humane features arouse deep feelings in the viewer. Right now, during the pandemic, it is felt how it is necessary to clean society from the negative to save life on the planet.
Valentyna Yefremova is an art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine.