The bridge is spiritual

"I always tried to find the right tone of my time and tried to be responsible to the artists of three generations, whom I knew personally."
Boris Kogan
Recent events on the planet are combined with anxiety, sadness, pain, negative mood of all mankind. Everyone is alarmed by the signs of a pandemic that has covered humanity like the ninth shaft. But life goes on and little by little a person recovers from the tragedy that she caused. The general ignorance of man to nature, the spread of cruelty, greed, accumulation, disrespect for each other pushed progressive evolution back to the era of barbarism.
In this painful nativity scene, it is difficult for creative individuals to exist, for whom the source of inspiration is the environment.
The artist Borys Kogan fully reveals the spiritual state of the present with his paintings, which were recently presented at the Art Gallery "Artist". Borys Matviyovych prepared for the exhibition in advance and approached his anniversary with works of a new conceptual direction. But along with his latest achievements, he presented works of the early period, and the works of his father, Matthew Kogan-Shatz (1911-1969), from the family collection. According to Borys Matviyovych, his father, despite the hardships of fate, always worked and did not lose optimism. Sedniv's romantic landscapes, and most of them in the exhibition, are filled with a meditative state of beauty, nobility, positivity. No wonder M. Kogan-Shats entered the history of Ukrainian art as a continuation of the traditions of prominent Ukrainian artists, and his works complemented the golden treasury of the Kyiv school of the last century. As noted by the head of the Kyiv organization is the pride of our alma mother NAOMA. It seems that the patron saint of arts, the god Apollo, has taken patronage over this family and we feel the incredible power and beauty of the works of art presented.
About a couple of years ago in the gallery "KalitaArtClub" Boris Kogan touched the tastes of fans of painting with his paintings, which were dominated by a transparent light palette. And here is a new series of works that have absorbed the achievements of classical painting of the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries. According to Galina Sklyarenko, Candidate of Art History, Borys has defined his special time in the artistic space. And as a result, we have a unique example of high artistic culture, our own philosophical interpretation of the rethinking of life, engraved in metaphorical and associative paintings mostly religious direction.
The mood of the picturesque figurative compositions of Boris Kogan directs our imagination to immerse themselves, to reflect on the consequences of the spiritless path in which modern society moves. On the example of the fisherman Peter's conversion to Christianity, the artist shows the dramatic steps of an apostle who went through a stage of spiritual struggle from temptation, fear, betrayal to repentance and fidelity to the teachings for which he was called the Savior. Boris Kogan is close to the ideology of Nobel Prize winner M. Buber, who introduced the legendary philosophy of dialogue, to express his postulates. And before us the picture is filled with powerful energy, the content of which needs interpretation and becomes prophetic.
Director of the gallery art critic Karina Kravets, told the complexity of building an exhibition, which was formed on the principle of transformation, when contemplation goes into a state of rethinking their attitude to life. At the altar of Boris Kogan vibration of powerful energy formed by awakening the subconscious. The artist calls us to Mount Sinai Jesus Christ proclaimed his Ten Commandments to mankind. The creator had one goal - to give the land where "milk and honey flows" to build a happy life. It seemed to follow simple guidelines and "it will be good for you and your descendants."
But it did not happen as expected. The Savior patiently educates His people, choosing twelve disciples to carry out the Great Commission, among whom was Peter. The same Peter on whom the Lord placed the great mission of "feeding my disciples" and giving him the keys to the Church, the same Peter who renounced the Master three times when he found himself in a dangerous situation. Throughout his life, Peter was a fisherman with an unbalanced, categorical and inflammatory nature. But the Savior seeks to reveal man's humane destiny in the face of his weak sinful nature and shows by this example how one can change in the name of the basic tenets of Christian doctrine built on faith, hope, and love.
It is not in vain that Boris Matviyovych chooses dramatic moments from Petrova's life. Using picturesque techniques with diffused lighting. We cannot define time, place or country, the action exists in a kind of metaphysical space, beyond time. But our feelings are filled with pain filled with anxiety from the widespread spread of the epidemic. The artist lends us a helping hand and shows us the way to renew consciousness through understanding our ego, turns us to uncompromising existence in the name of love and goodness.
So Boris Kogan rises above the ordinary and shows the superiority of the earthly spiritual principle. The artist is inquisitive about his avant-garde style, which contains the whole epoch of the evolution of world painting. To achieve conciseness and completeness of the images, he rewrote his paintings several times, created dozens of sketches in search of perfection. Thus, through the disclosure of the characteristics of biblical heroes there is a process of transformation of universal humane categories of existence.
Boris Kogan exists beyond time, he exists in this society as an innovator who sets the tasks of high art and successfully performs them. The artist himself admitted that he worked in a realistic style until the mid-80s, and even then felt a new awakening in his mind. At that time, Boris traveled a lot as an intern in martial arts, visited Japan many times, where he touched on the wisdom of the teachings and culture of the country of the Eastern Sun.
In the conversation, Boris mentioned the priorities of the world's best painter Michelangelo Merza Caravaggio, an inverted colorist of the 17th century. It is from him that Boris Kogan draws the power of images filled with dramatic inner strength. dedication, inspiration, martyrdom in the name of truth. The exhibition highlights the female image of the Holy Great Martyr of the Middle Ages Ursula. The biblical heroine was given special attention during the persecution of Christianity, she is repeatedly portrayed by Caravaggio. Dramatic story of a beauty of noble birth, depicted by Caravaggio several times. And so Boris Kogan draws attention to this story, filling the image of Ursula with feelings of loneliness and inner pain.
Through the presented exhibition the artist confirms the skill in creation of an art image filled with action of a deep psychological condition. Closed in itself and opened in art, such is our jubilee Kogan Boris Matviyovych.
Valentyna Yefremova is an art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine.
photo by the author
   "Golden Autumn" M. Kogan-Shats
    Konoval and Kogan
   Matviy Borisovich Kogan-Shats