About evolution, Provence and Bermuda by Yuron Shevchenko

It is under this name that the art exhibition of the famous Ukrainian painter Yuron Shevchenko opened. The prestigious Ivan Kavaleridze Gallery on Andriyivsky Uzviz hospitably received admirers of the artist's work, among whom were the General Director of the Kyiv Art Gallery, Honored Artist of Ukraine Yu. Yu. Shevchenko's homeland. The exhibition of such a famous painter is a long-awaited holiday for us, said in his welcoming speech the Director General of the Museum, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Oleksandr Yunin.
As Serhiy Komissarenko noted in his report, the audience felt the powerful energy of the artist, full of positivity and unique worldview.
The wave of positivity literally engulfed everyone who was near the paintings, which radiated an amazing energy, exquisite beauty of some unearthly planetary grandeur. The artist's works impress with the depth of creative ideas, bright plots, unexpected angles, transparent exquisite palette. Yu. Shevchenko invaded the capital's art space in the 80s of the last century and immediately attracted the attention of critics, journalists and colleagues. A graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, he immediately declared himself as an extraordinary artist and literary figure. These two global incarnations reveal his tumultuous temperament, filled with profound philosophical interpretations. He, like Skovoroda, seeks his truth, so he constantly travels with adventurous adventures, in which he draws new impressions.
After an internship in 2007 in Paris, Yuron Shevchenko was formed as a fully mature original artist full of new creative ideas. Here we have the result of his stormy temperament painting "San Rafael. The magic of the sun's rays on the Azure. The palette is filled with a balanced kaleidoscope of bright colors that magnetize our feelings, bringing feelings of happiness.
The transparent refined palette testifies to original creative gift, and constant persistent work brings generous fruits. Just look at "Provence" with a lavender field, or "Waves. Sunny Day "near which there is an incredible life-giving force. The artist like the ninth shaft splashes himself on the rest of his canvas. I do not know how all this space fits into the heart of the artist, because each work impresses with its original beauty, deep knowledge, philosophical interpretation of the meaning of life.
The exhibition reveals the inner world of the artist who is looking for artistic images in outer space, traveling through the lands of the classics with lavender flower beds, which are so loved by the Impressionists. Yu. Shevchenko positions his inner world through the literary word and painting. The author seems to agree with the biblical truth, "Lord, Your will be done," but at the same time implements his own version of the laws of the universe. In both directions, we feel the symbolism and incredible energy that embraces the viewer both in the form of paintings and flipping through the book "Bermuda". Yuron's vertical is complex and clear at the same time. He is not just talking about modern life, but is looking for answers to our scattered reality among his characters. The text is filled with a brilliant sense of humor, incredibly explosive life situations, crowned with memorable phrases: "Not everything can be bought with money", or "people do not want to go dancing under one balalaika". Uron builds his galaxy and fills it with original characters, either in the south of France with unique lavender fields, or in a garage cooperative in a regular province. Here is our author of the opening, who has in his portfolio more than 60 exhibitions, a number of personal ones, which are always a sensation among the creative audience, a tasty morsel for art critics.
He does not care with what mood the spectator leaves the exhibition, perhaps that is why his works are completed compositionally, creatively balanced, enriched with an exquisite palette in which many halftones, exquisite gradations that like precious stones adorn his paintings. A series of marine motifs simply fascinates with its casual beauty and original creative idea, like the painting "Exciting Memories", near which there is a cascade of positive, you want to breathe, dream, exist.
The exhibition demonstrates the author's unique style of painting by Yu. Shevchenko, which explores the evolution of man and the achievement of technical progress, immerses himself in the philosophy of Buddhism. Perhaps that is why the paintings radiate an explosive character of the artist himself, which is full of a sense of beauty: “Shell. Portrait of Evolution "," Jimmy Hendrix. Eternal Year ", or" Tibet. Mount Masherbrum.
Unique painting talent, deep philosophical color, originality of artistic images make the artist's works unique. It is difficult to understand the full range of the artist's gifts, but one thing is clear - we have a unique personality who confidently goes his way to the top of the artistic Olympus.
But not all paintings invite admiration, the red thread is the theme of human responsibility to the entire system of the galaxy, which we so barbarically plunder. Uron draws attention to the laws of the universe, which cannot be violated or treated lightly. You will have to answer for everything, MAN !.
I congratulate the ENTIRE Shevchenko-Yarov family with a significant event in the creative life of the head of the family and the cultural and artistic life of the capital of Ukraine in general, I think Mr. Aivazovsky would also bow low .....
Valentina Efremova is an art critic.
Photo by Komisssarov