"Travels" by Oleg Yasenev

The iconic exhibition under the romantic name "Wanderings" took place in the art "ABS Gallery" located on Hlybotska Street in Kyiv. Congratulations to the author, Oleg Petrovich Yasenev, associate professor of NAOMA painter, a leading contemporary artist gathered numerous beau monde of the capital. The exhibition presented an album with works that reveal the real and cosmopolitan world of the artist, who has something to say to others. The tome was published by the director of the gallery, artist, public figure M. Pozhivanov. as part of a series of art albums "Names". Oleg Yasenev's "Picturesque Meditations on Light" adds optimism and strength to keep mental balance and spiritual vertical at the highest and most aggressive wave of turbulence in our world. With his art he affirms the ideas of freedom of creativity and freedom in creativity. Created metaphorical images live in a series of his paintings, "said Mikhail Pozhivanov.

Oleg Yasenev came to Kiev with an art education, so in 1983 he graduated from Dnepropetrovsk Art School. Then he continued his creative studies at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts at the Faculty of Easel Painting, completed graduate school.

The artist's creative portfolio includes more than 30 years of active participation in various exhibitions, plein airs, public life of the capital of Ukraine. A rich creative life goes hand in hand with the teaching work he started in 1996. O. Yasenev, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine, has numerous thanks and diplomas. His works are stored not only in leading museums in Ukraine, but also in the United States, the Vatican, Slovenia, Belarus, Russia, France and private collections around the world ...
But it all happened gradually, first the artist sought his own style of painting and polished his palette, which gradually acquired originality and incredible nobility. His works are recognizable not only by their deep content, philosophical color, but also by a balanced transparent palette, exquisite harmonious colors that resemble the shimmer of the sky. The artist builds his compositions and willingly invites the viewer to the interlocutors. Apparently, this is why Yasenev tends to create deep series, filled with light-oxygen effects, which were formed during his creative travels.
The space that becomes the protagonist of his paintings is filled with a philosophical interpretation of the meaning of life. The transparent light manner of monochrome painting is typical of an artist who has something to say to people enough to remember his painting "Three Windows". The amazing play of light and shadows creates a special mystical mood of the artist's paintings. There, on the horizons of reality, he builds his harbor filled with the depth of creative design, sensitivity, iconic images, where an important role is played by line, rhythm, and casual splashes of color only give the work a special beauty. With incredible pleasure I enter through the "door" of Oleg Yasenev in the valley of mystical content, where the "bamboo wind" roars, as a generalization of the concept of completeness of life.
His still lifes are original in composition, attracting attention with thoughtful thought, images with symbols as evidenced by "Composition with a knife" or the painting "Meditation with light", although the difference between them is more than twenty years. The combination of reality and mysticism is inherent in the artist, because he himself is filled with new ideas, the search for meaning in life. Perhaps that is why his attraction to the Masters of the Celestial Empire encouraged him to travel, which influenced the formation of his own creative style where there is room for symbols, depth of creative thought, exquisite completeness. All this overwhelms the soul of the artist and he loves to give his feelings to others. Thus, from the observation of Yasenev's works "Currents of Water" from the cycle "Journeys through the East", or "The River Carries", there is a filling with aesthetic feelings, life memories, humanity, which are so lacking in our present. All this is important, because art must cultivate aesthetic tastes and influence the formation of the cultural and artistic space of society.
There, on the horizon, he seeks his harbor and finds it without closing the door, because he seeks to share his inspiration with others. Probably that is why Associate Professor O. Yasenev has been teaching at NAOMA at the Department of Painting and Composition for many years, has interesting students who have already embarked on an independent creative path and glorify Ukrainian art abroad.
Valentyna Efremova is an art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine
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   Oleg Yasenev at the opening


   O. Yasenev and M. Pozhivanov