Everyone is a warrior in their city !!!!

War is a marathon. It is important for everyone to be active in their city, to become a chain of common resistance. Today, the capacity of all segments of the population, both on the front and in the rear, is more important than ever. One of the examples of such resistance is the creative youth in the capital of Ukraine. We will talk about the posters of graphic design students KNUKIM and UCC in the struggle for Ukraine show how the authors see someone who seeks to deprive it of its future, said a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Andriy Budnyk on his Facebook page.

An instant creative reaction to the anger of the day shows pain, anxiety, disgust for the occupiers, the desire to show their attitude to barbaric events. The created posters show the action of terrorist defense as an important chain in the struggle for victory. This is exactly the work of Iryna Golovko with the call "Let's drive parasites out of our house!". And Maryna Popova created the image of a wounded soldier with the inscription "Ukraine will not forget!". Sumar Katerna compared the rush attack to Nazi Germany. Action images are bright, eloquent, concise aimed at uniting society, so really today everyone in his city is a warrior !!!
The Internet is full of various fake messages. In response, artists Lyutenko Elizaveta and Romas Oleksandr urge to trust only reliable information and ban Russian channels. Bolbas Vladimir depicts a double-headed eagle whose victory is a blue-yellow flag. Anastasia Shevchuk invites to pray for Ukraine.
Looking at the posters, we see how the authors instantly responded to the anger of the day, using artistic means to expose the events, accuse the aggressor, call for active resistance. Such works of art not only mobilize forces, but cultivate love for their people, their homeland, unite us in the struggle for peace in Ukraine.
The poster becomes an active component for the end result - VICTORY over the racist invasion.
Let's hold on !!!!
Valentina Romenska (Efremova)
Photo by Andriy Budnyk

    Anastasia Shevchuk


   Irina Golovko



      Eдiзавета Лютенко


    Vladimir Bolbas


  Darina Piontkevich


   Maria Popova


   Sumar Katerina


    Alexander Romas