Exhibition "My Freedom" Poland. Lodz

"Hey somewhere over the black waters
A young Cossack gets on a horse
He gently says goodbye to the girl
Even more tender with Ukraine… »
folk song
  I continue the theme of "Modern Cassandra" against the background of an art action in support of Ukraine and refugees who found themselves in Poland. An art exhibition entitled "My Freedom" is organized by the Lodz Factory Museum.
  The organizers collected 25 works of art, graphics, posters. photos. Among the Polish artists Anna Komarska, Sonia Tucharinova-Grosemak, Natalia Voitarovska, Kateryna Zberska and our representative from Kyiv, the famous artist, winner of the Art Prize. Fedor Krychevsky Svetlana Anoshkina. In Ukraine, the artist's work is well known, she is a representative of the Kiev School of Painting, participant in more than 100 creative exhibitions, creator of bright original images, experimenter of amazing transparent palette, which brings Anoshkina's painting to the best contemporary artists in Ukraine.
 The language of art does not need translation, there are other criteria for understanding. Theme, image, artistic solution that reveals the creative idea of ​​the artist. The main thing that united the participants was to do a good deed, to support Ukraine, which found itself in the terrible military circumstances imposed on us by Nazi Russia. The presented works show how artists strive to show the theme of freedom through artistic images. On the poster of the exhibition we see the dove of peace of the world-famous artist Pablo Picasso. It is also symbolic that the image of the Dove of Peace was created as an emblem for the First World Congress of Peace Advocates, which took place in 1949 in Paris and Prague. The image is taken from the Bible (Genesis 8-10), when a dove brought a branch of oil to the Ark. Like each of us, the organizers and participants of the action strive for peace and the revival of new life.
 A collage with the flag of Ukraine, storks, and a piano pianist attracts attention. Landscapes symbolize a peaceful life, which is so necessary for a humane society.
S. Anoshkina created the image of the archstrategist Michael on horseback, which symbolizes the protection of Kiev. The image is full of dynamics, a powerful force floating in the sky guarding the Kiev shrines. The completeness of the creative idea, the harmonious palette make the picture incredibly eloquent, full of energy and beauty.
 The war turned life in Ukraine into a horror full of pain, suffering, injustice and endless questions… Consciousness has no criteria to explain this fascist invasion of "fraternal" neighbors. But there is one ardent desire to defeat the enemy and liberate their homeland from the occupiers!
 According to Svitlana Anoshkina, a powerful cultural and artistic event took place in which those present condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine. An auction has been announced to support the Ukrainian people. During the grand opening, a folk song "Hey, gay falcons ..." was performed, which united the whole hall. The music was written by the Polish composer Maciej Kampenski (1734-1821). This ancient song is popular in Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Lithuania. The mournful state of separation of a Cossack from a girl who is forced to be at war abroad, but longs for his homeland and his beloved… The urgency of the ancient song with the current state in Ukraine moved everyone present who sang it with tears in his eyes…
 We thank our friends from Poland who responded so warmly to the tragedy that befell Ukraine. Such actions not only provide strength and faith in victory, but also unite the international progressive community with Ukraine in the struggle for peace.
Valentina Romenska (Efremova) founder of the Art Room
Photo by Svetlana Anoshkina