People come to this world with an ardent desire to be happy, capable of building a peaceful society, starting a family, striving for a profession and multiplying society with good deeds. And when the Lord endowed her with talent, all this is multiplied several times. This category includes the People's Artist of Ukraine of 1992, sculptor, winner of the National Prize. T. Shevchenko 2000, professor, academician, lecturer at the Department of Sculpture NAOMA, full member of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine in 1997, chairman of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, winner of numerous awards, honorary citizen of Kyiv in 2005, awarded the Order of Yaroslav the Wise IV and Vst., "For Merits" III, II and I centuries., "Honor" (Georgia) world-class artist Vladimir Andreevich Chepeplik (1945.17.10 -2021.13.04).

The anniversary of the death of our friend, comrade-in-arms, talented sculptor and just a noble man reminded us of his unique creative contribution to the treasury of cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people. We will not briefly tell about the creative achievements of the meter of national monuments, but we will name the main iconic works that adorn our land and cities abroad. A series of portraits of M. Hrushevsky, T. Shevchenko, O. Honchar, majestic monuments dedicated to historical events in the life of the Ukrainian people motivate us, in the words of Victor Konoval, "to comprehend the time of G." So we go with flowers to the monument to the victims of Stalin's repressions, remember the executed in Trukhanov Island, light a candle of mourning near the "Chernobyl Cranes", carry flowers to the monument to the Widow Mother. The works of V. Chepelyk have built a historical vector of memory of our peaceful people who have their own virtues that are genetically passed from generation to generation. That is why we are not unbroken in this imposed war of aggression by the neighboring Nazi Rash.
The always welcomed speech at exhibitions by Volodymyr Andriyovych was significant, meaningful and instructive. And creative thought was important at all competitive art events, the educational process at NAOMA, openings.
On behalf of the Kyiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, the sculpture section, and all those who were with Volodymyr Chepelyk, we will remind you of the anniversary of his departure to another celestial world. And in memory of our contemporaries and future generations, let us remember his amazing monuments in which history speaks, culture is united by a strange alphabet from Chabanyk - Ukraine is artistic.
On behalf of the CONSU Secretariat
art critic, honored worker of culture of Ukraine, laureate of the prize named after Platon Biletsky Valentin Efremov
Photo team
   Vein. Ukrainian Cossacks
   To the victims of the Chornobyl tragedy, sculptor V. Chepelyk