"There was a war for breakfast" poster project

 Dear art lovers, friends of the artist's gallery of the Kyiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. In difficult times of war for all the people of our state, we are trying to withstand harsh trials.
The brutal war waged by the fascist invaders literally knocked us out of the peaceful path of creative life. But little by little we come to our senses and strive to make a powerful contribution to the victory of the Ukrainian people.
Andriy Budnyk, the head of the poster section of the Kyiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, is responding to important events in society for the first time. This time, too, the creative community of teachers and students, on his initiative, responded immediately to the Russian invader's military invasion with an exhibition of posters entitled "Breakfast was War." The authors were students of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts "(KNUIKIM) and the Kyiv University of Culture (UCC). Within a few hours, a chat project was created in a telegram entitled "Creative Resistance to KNUIKIM and UCC" and creative work was in full swing. Everyone who had the technical ability began to create patriotic posters. Messages with formulated topics, slogans, references appeared on social networks. The main direction of the works is the heroism of the soldiers of the Armed Forces, barbarism and insidiousness of the Russian troops, the request for support of the world community and NATO countries, protection of cultural monuments, positive and negative personalities in the war. Thus, the servile function of the graphic faculty was reformatted in a patriotic way. The created posters were made public for distribution.
All this is aimed at holding thematic exhibitions and demonstrations at rallies and physical implementation. Participants of the poster project Antonenko Anastasia, Budnyk Andriy, Bolbas Volodymyr, Bukharska Anastasia, Volodko Victoria, Golovko Iryna, Gunko Elizaveta, Kareev Kyrylo, Kipila Inna, Laguta Valentyna, Lomko Olga, Lyushnya Yaroslav, Mykytenko Mykolaya Pereya, Masyna Perenia , Poshablya Oleksandra, Rabenko Ruslan, Rublenko Oksana, Trokhimchuk Yuliya, Shchavinska Yana, YDZUN. Curators Andriy Budnyk and Yulia Trokhimchuk.
  "We present the poster exhibition in the windows of our gallery in order to support every passer-by who passed by the gallery located at 12 Vasylkivska Street," said the gallery's director, art critic, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Kartyna Kravets. But only our joint support with you can withstand the financial difficulties. We ask for help in paying utility bills and supporting the capital in wartime.
Let's unite with faith in VICTORY !!!
Valentyna Romenska (Efremova) art critic, honored cultural worker of Ukraine.
Photo by Andriy Budnyk and Karina Kravets