Madyar Stephan-Arpad Iosifovich

Kyiv, Ukraine.
Member NUAU (1995).
The artist, scientist, colorist.  
Was born 24.08.1951 Chop, Transcarpathian region. He Graduated from the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute I. Fedorova, Department of graphics (1979).
His teachers were known theorist of color and wonderful violin restorer and master violin Florian Yuryev and Valery Lamakh - one of the acknowledged founders of Ukrainian monumental art.
He participated in various art exhibitions since 1973.  Major works: illustrations and book design "Culture against barbarism" (1987), the posters of the Museum of Historical Treasures (1989), "Color dogmatics of orthodoxy" (1990), " Tthe energy of color- the color of energy " (Hungary, 1990, Austria, 1991, Germany, 1992). "The path of the Sun" (Switzerland, 1999), "Biocolor" (with Florian Yuryev, Kyiv, 2000), "Options for infinity" (Kyiv, 2001), "Space, color, time" (Kyiv, 2006), "Metamorphosis LVI» (Kyiv, 2007), "Transkolirnist" (Kyiv, 2014).
More than 10 years after he worked as a senior artist-restorer metal at the Museum of Historical Treasures in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.
After 15 years - the chief artist of "Polihrafknyha" - at that time - leader of the domestic book publishing.
Since 1989, he participated in the revival of publishing religious literature in Kiev Exarchate UOC.
Since 1993, member of the Global Association of Specialists in color (AIC), participated in international conferences on chromatics.  
During the study various aspects of color displays, one of the works devoted to the topic "Comparative analysis of color symbolism Christianity." In 1996, he studied color therapy in France.
Works of the artist are in private collections and museums in the United States, Israel, Norway, Luxembourg, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Georgia.
Designed more than 500 different publications and has repeatedly been awarded diplomas at Union and national exhibitions of art books, art has developed a series of posters for the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. He designed the bilingual edition of "Shevchenko - Petefi" (2006) and author's project - the book "Koloropys" (2009), which not only displays a color image of modern Ukrainian poetry, but also the unique educational and developmental methodology that promotes harmonization of the emotional state of a man - received diplomas in the national competition "Book Art".
Forthcoming Russian translation of the author's book "Color value," which was published in 2011 in Hungarian in Budapest. Developed S.-A. Magyar technique «BIOCOLOR» («Biocolor" - a way to correct psychophysiological human state "certificate № 7043 from 30.01.2003) in 2006 registered as a therapeutic technique in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. After studies at the Ukrainian Antarctic station "Akademik Vernadsky" method approved as an aid in evaluating emotional state candidates Antarctic expeditions. Together with a group of scientists from the University of Tauride (ARC) is a patented method of using color biofeedback ("Method of correction of psycho-physiological state of a person." Utility model patent number 28058 of 26 November 2007).
The main area of researches and artistic search - creating a color adaptive environment which harmonizes the psycho-emotional state of a person as in extreme conditions and in everyday life.


Work on the site:

1.Kolirnyy "Our Father" from the "Koloropys" 50x50, mixed media
2."Invoices". 42h56, cardboard, gouache
3."Andante spring." 80x120, oil on canvas
4.Kolirnyy image of Lesya Ukrainian "Forest Song" from the "Koloropys." 70x90, oil on canvas
5."Metamorphoses". 70x50, oil on canvas.
6."Wind." 70x100, oil on canvas.
7."Elements". 68h100, cardboard, oil.
8."Sea." 48h68, oil on canvas.
9."Twilight in the city." 50x60, oil on cardboard.
10."Kupala fire." 50x60, oil on canvas.
11."Freesia". 60x90, oil on canvas.
12."Exit". 70x100, Pastel on cardboard.
13."Surge." 48h68, oil on canvas.
14."Lena". 50x70, mixed media.
15.'Green Gully'. 51h66, cardboard, oil.

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