Popinova Galina Mykolayvna

"Galina is a representative of the younger generation of contemporary Ukrainian artists, whom they speak and write today. Her paintings are preserved in collections of state and private museums, corporate collections of Ukraine, Israel, the USA, Germany, Austria, Jordan, Switzerland, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, China
The works of the Kiev artist attract attention literally at first sight. Exquisite and magnificent landscapes, still lifes, portraits like immerse the viewer in a special world - the world of true art and creativity. Sincerity and emotionality of the author are felt in every smear, and piercing ringing and fine picturesque decision speak of high skill. Her style is based on ease and emotionality, her favorite direction is the plein air artist. "Art critic Natalia Sukholit
"Galina is a master of high school, who can, as nobody now, write directly from nature, she has an alert feeling of nature, almost congenital, feels and understands nature, is able to see the main thing in the general color and chaos, at first glance, of a living urban environment The peculiarity of the art of plein-art is this feature, when the embodiment of the motive requires the best skills and achievements of impressionists and realists in the interpretation of the landscape, the peculiarities of one or another illumination, the correspondence of the state in the nature of the psychological As a result of the work of Galina, we write spontaneously and respectfully, quickly and extremely sincerely, the works are very diverse, they are written in different parts of the world, and in their native Kyiv, and each new motive brings a new experience, complements it own style with interesting complexities of embodiment. Galina, it seems, even looks for particularly complicated motives, because he has a virtuoso transmission of states of illumination and subtleties in coloristics, which is the main factor of painting from nature. " Dmitry Korsun, artist, art critic
Galina Popinova was born in 1983 in Kyiv.
Ukrainian artist - a painter, masterpiece painting, still life portrait.
2002 - graduated from DHSSH them. T. Shevchenko, division of the department.
2008 - graduated from the Kiev National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAOMA), master of nudes of professor V.I. Gurina
2011 - graduated from the postgraduate study program NAOMA (painting). Master of Painting.
In 2017 Galina represented Ukraine abroad at the exhibitions The Energy of Ukrainian Art in honor of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Greece at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Hellenic Republic and the Estudio Gallery in Athens. And also in Jordan the exhibition of Jordan "SurrealismVs. Realism "in Amman in the Wadi Finan Art Gallery.
2016 - winner of the Kyiv City Mayor's Prize for the special achievements of youth in the development of the capital of Ukraine in Kyiv. Laureate of national competitions. M. Deregus, and many others.
In 2011, Galina Popinova became the winner of the competition to them. F. Krichevsky's "The Best Picture of the Year".
 The paintings have repeatedly participated in charity auctions in support of children of orphans, as well as ATO fighters.
Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 2010
Curator of art projects.
3 2000 - teacher of painting, drawing and composition in his own studio.
Seven personal exhibitions: 2012 - Zagreb (Croatia),
 "Pliny Galina Popinova - 2015", Gallery "Workshop", Kiev, exhibition "Impressions", House of the artist (Nikolaev), etc.
Active participant of All-Ukrainian and foreign art exhibitions and projects since 2002.
Selected Exhibitions: 2016 - Exhibition KünsTlERs Omm EROTTEnshEim-2O16, Austria; 2016 - exhibition "Time of flowering". Greenwave Gallery, China, m. All. 2011 - Kyiv-Munich, LW 44 gallery, Munich, Germany. 2010 - "FineArt - 2010". "Mandry" Personal Exposition, Ukrainian House. 2008 - artistic action in the Kiev underground "Art-Train I". Plenaries in Ukraine: Batiliman, Balaklava, Foros, Sevastopol, Nemiroff, Mukacheve, Svalyava, Rzhyshchiv, Utes, Truskavets, Lviv. Plenaries abroad in Poland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, France, OAU, Montenegro, Croatia, Georgia, Jordan, Austria, Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Moldova. Paintings are preserved in many museums of Ukraine and private collections of Israel, the USA, Germany, Jordan, Switzerland, China, Poland, Austria.

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