Popinova Galina Mykolayvna

1994-2002 Training in the State art school named T.G.Shevchenko, painting department. Lecturers: Y.Goncharenko, I.Spornikov.

2002-2008 studies at the National Academy of fine arts and architecture, faculty of painting, since 2004- a workshop of professor V.I. Gurin

Since 2004 Member of the association of young artists and art critics of the Kiev Union of artists

From 2006 a Teacher of painting, drawing and composition of the private art studio


2009 graduate Student internship (painting)

2010 Member NSPU

2011 Received a Grant of the President of Ukraine for talented youth in the field of Fine arts. Painting"

Exhibitions and open-airs:

From 2002 the Constant participant of all-Ukrainian art exhibitions in the exhibition halls of the NSPU (the House of the artist) and in the International exhibitions.

1999 Exhibition in the 8-th of march, the Historical museum, moscow. Kiev

2000 Exhibition "Ancient Kyiv", Kyiv - Pechersk Lavra, 2004. Kiev

From 2003 Participation in the open-air on the Косовщине and in the Carpathians

2003 Exhibition "Summer plein-air", str. Kosov, with. Криворивня

2004 International art exhibition "Lviv autumn salon", l'viv palace of arts

2005 Auction in support of children-orphans "Charity fund "Society of Friends of children", moscow. Kiev

2005 Exhibition "Ukrainian costume. Painting", the National university. OF THE CURRENT YEAR. Shevchenko

2005-2006 Participation in the picturesque open-air in the city. Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy

2006 Participation in the picturesque open air and in the exhibition "Dubno castle"AND"str. , Dubno, National historical-cultural reserve "Dubno castle"

2007 all-Ukrainian art exhibition "Picturesque Ukraine", str. Ternopil

2007 Participation in the picturesque open air in the city. Kamyanets - Podilsky

2008 Exhibition of "Kamyanets- Podilsky plein-air", gallery "kolo", str. Kiev

2008 Art action in the kiev subway "Art-Train"

2008 Plein air in Israel.

2008 Exhibition "Modern portrait", gallery "Kolo-Zaspa"

2008 Plein-air in the city. Novgorod-Siverskiy

2008 the Exhibition " Still life", museum of Tychina str. , Kiev

2008 International art exhibition "High castle", palace of arts, Lviv, str. Lviv

2008 Exhibition from the funds of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine "Creative family"

2009 Exhibition "Kyiv chestnuts", gallery "kolo", str. Kiev

2009 all-Ukrainian exhibition "TO the 200 anniversary of the birth of M. Gogol str. , Poltava

2009-Participation in the picturesque open air and in the exhibition "Dubno castle - III", str. Dubno, National historical-cultural reserve "Dubno castle"

2009 Exhibition "Memory of the master Fyodor Krychaw"str., Kiev, NUAU, the House of the artist

2009 Plein-air in the city. Dubno, with the assistance of city chairman Leonid Dudko.

2009 Plein-air in the city. Батилиман, Balaklava, Sevastopol, Bahchisaray

2010 Exhibition "From Триполья to modern times".  Kiev, НСХУ2010 Plein air in Jordan

2010 Presentation of the project "Маndry" hotel "Riviera ", Kyiv.

2010 Ukrainian House, "Fine Art - 2010". "Маndry" Personal exposure


2010 Plein air in Montenegro, Croatia

2010 Exhibition of still-life painting them. A. Sheremeta.  Kiev

2010 Exhibition of the all-Ukrainian triennale " Paintings-2010",  Kiev

2010 Exhibition of contemporary portrait of the "Historical figures of the future"

2011 Plein air in Italy, Rome-Venice

2011 Exhibition "colours of life. Realism. ""The fund for promotion of arts development", moscow. Kiev

2011 Plein air in Georgia

2011 Exhibition "Love, komsomol and spring", Ukrainian House, Kiev

2011 Exhibition "Мандри". Art - duet Galina Popinova and of Evgena Smirnova. Sevastopol

"The Russian museum"

2011 Plein air in Greece, Crete.


Creative contests:

2002 Creative contest them. Dmitrenko, the National Academy of fine art and architecture, Kiev

2003 Winner of the contest on the best work, dedicated to the 190-літтю from the day of birth of the current YEAR. Shevchenko, National Academy of fine arts and architecture, str. Kiev

2005 Creative contest them. Zaretsky,the National Academy of fine art and architecture, Kiev

2005 Winner of the competition "Picturesque Ukraine" in the field of easel painting, str. Nikolaev

2007 Diploma of the all-Ukrainian triennale "Paintings-2007", moscow. Kiev

2007 Competition of landscape them. Kuindzhi, the Kuindzhi Memorial in the city. Mariupol

2008 Diploma of the gallery "Ra" and the Chief of management on affairs of family and youth of the kyiv city state administration, str. Kiev

2009 Prize in the competition Пузиркова in the National Academy of fine arts and architecture, str. Kiev

2009 Winner of the exhibition "He and She"str. , Lviv

The works are kept:

The museum of modern art of Ukraine (Kiev), National historical-cultural reserve "Dubno castle",

Historical-memorial museum-reserve of them. T. G. Shevchenko (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky), the Museum of the National Academy of fine arts and architecture (Kiev),

private collection of TM "Dimensional",

private collections of Ukraine, Germany, USA, Israel, Jordan, Switzerland.

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